49-year-old Sun Yue appeared in the New Year’s Eve party!Back on stage after a seven-year hiatus, slim waist and hot clothes

In 2022, singer Sun Yue appeared on the stage for the first time in seven years, and performed a medallion.She said in her post that she had made great efforts to prepare for the party and felt it was worthwhile to achieve a good result. She also expressed her gratitude to the fans and audience.It seems that sun Yue is also very happy to return to the stage after seven years.Now 49 years old Sun Yue has married into a rich family for 16 years, but it has to be said that over 50 years old Sun Yue figure maintained very good, tall figure, slightly exposed small waist, face fair skin, almost no wrinkles, such a level of appearance and figure still appear sun Yue is full of vitality and aura.When she was young, Sun Yue, like Na Ying and others, was considered a singer diva because of her singing skills. Once she sang “My Heart flies”, “I wish you peace” and other popular, household songs.Legendary singer who used to be okay.Many netizens said that sun Yue’s return to the stage is full of moving and memories, every song is the memory of that era, looking back again, in addition to the kind and there are many things miss.Although the past can’t bear to say a thing, but the past when looking back, there are a lot of good memories with mellow charm.Naughty netizens also said they showed their age.After all, Sun Yue has married into a wealthy family for 16 years.So this is ye Qinghui!Return to the stage again, Sun Yue still has of course the kind of feeling that holds a full court, experience years of precipitation, whole person more charming.Her singing is still very good, this should be sun Yue over the years or better maintenance of their voice, or talent is still!After the death of sun Yue’s manager in 2000, she switched to dance music. Such a diva, there are still a lot of shocking shapes, which make people dumbfounded.Sun yue married her outsider husband Wu Feizhou in 2006 and soon gave birth to their son Wu Wenqi the following year.Since then, she has held her own solo concerts abroad, and will also release her own album.However, after 2015, I gradually reduced my career pursuit due to my family.Sun Yue who returns to the family, daily life is fitness or drink afternoon tea, run at the seaside, learn to arrange flowers at home, grow flowers and other relatively healthy projects.Under the patient company of Sun Yue, SHE cultivated her son Wu Wenqi’s talent in painting art, helped her son hold an exhibition and took care of daily life. I have to say that Sun Yue is also a good mother!Sun yue’s return after many years may also be because her children have grown up and she wants to start her career again.Either way, it’s not too late, as the goddess still sings, her body is hotter, and her demeanor more stable.Looking forward to Sun Yue’s new works!

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