From “happy farm” to the vitality forest, he with an advertising language, set 40 billion myths!

He sold the game company, crossed the industry to do FMCG, founded the Vitality forest, with an advertising slogan, four years, hit the valuation of 40 billion myth.But this is not the only thing he’s known for. He created a popular game called Empire Wars, and he’s also known for being a powerful entrepreneur. In this issue, Andrea Andrea’s Fun quotient takes you through the story of Andrea Tang.Born in 1982 in Hefei, Anhui Province, to an ordinary family, Tang Was restless and interested in business from an early age, always experimenting.Grandpa is doing cement business, since childhood, influenced by the business is particularly interested in.He began to do business from high school, school free time to sell pirated tapes, although not to make money, but in his heart early buried a seed to explore business secrets.In the following days, he studied hard and was admitted to the Computer Department of Beihang University with excellent results. At the age of 22, he led his team to participate in the International Programming Competition in Cannes, France and won the gold medal, which was the first time that the Chinese team won the gold medal since the competition began.Tang also made her first bucket of gold, about 250,000 yuan.With the money, he launched his first venture.This project is to do the Internet psychological tests, he is a graduate school and business, only in 2005, when the Internet is not very popular, Tang Binsen Internet psychological test program failed to survive for two years, once send out for eight months wages, after the last really stay not bottom, Tang Binsen think change direction of entrepreneurship, to do the game industry.Did not expect is such a change, so that the company completely ushered in a turning point, in 2008 Tang Bin Sen graduate master, he also formally established a game company, called wisdom star pass.The company’s name may not seem familiar to many people, but happy Farm’s success in foreign markets has inspired Andrea Tang’s motivation.The game Empire Wars netted a net profit of 76 million yuan, and two years later, his mobile game Clash of Nations topped the List of Chinese mobile games abroad.When the momentum of Zhimingtong is high, he unexpectedly decided to sell the company to Chinese media, cashing in 1 billion, maybe he is not willing to continue with the significance of no challenge, now it seems that he has already had a new target.Now that he’s worth $1 billion, Andrea Andrea is taking the long view, not just in games, but in venture capital.In 2014, Mr Tang co-founded Challenger Capital with Innovation Factory and Chinese Media, focusing on consumer upgrading, finance, entertainment and games.By the end of 2016, Challenger Capital managed three funds with a total capital of $5 billion.And Andrea Tang for the choice of investment projects have their own unique insights, other investment institutions are more value entrepreneurs background, and Andrea Tang believes that the success rate of executives is not higher than the grassroots, because the executive retreat too much, entrepreneurship can not go back to work, but for the grassroots can only go forward.The things Andrea Jung looks at entrepreneurs for are that they are born poor, smart and have a deep desire for wealth.Such a person has a strong, often able to highlight the encirclement, struggling.In terms of industry, Tang sees the Internet and consumer goods as having a great future in China, and with technology changing, he thinks all consumer goods deserve to be redefined.Because of such a concept, he set up a research and development team in 2015 and started product research and development. In 2016, he officially established the Genqi Forest brand.Andrea Tang applied the thinking model of the Internet industry to the Yuan Qi Forest, he is in line with the idea of giving users the ultimate experience, regardless of cost to do product research and development, really want to make a new beverage that users like.His operation model runs counter to the traditional consumer goods, which is a big change for the whole consumer goods industry.Vitality Forest focuses on health drinks. In this era when people are eager for health, this product Angle is very attractive and has great repercussions after entering the market.At that time, Tang Jung forest set the slogan is 0 sugar 0 card 0 fat, although later this slogan was complained, but the brand image of the original vitality forest has been on the page.Combined with the placement of advertisements in some young variety shows, Genqi Forest quickly became a popular drink among young people.It took four years for Wonqi Forest to achieve 0-100 growth, which is now comparable to the three domestic beverage giants, Nongfu Spring, Master Kong and Uni-President, and the market valuation of Wonqi Forest even exceeds that of Uni-President Group, which has been in operation for 30 years.At a time when the traditional beverage industry was struggling with cost and pricing, Andrea Tang grafted the Internet’s business philosophy onto consumer goods, and it worked.To do the Idea of the Internet to do drinks, in order to make customer satisfaction for the purpose, changed the definition of the product of traditional drinks enterprises.Mr. Tang’s market positioning for Wonki Forest has always been global. Like the regional cash-out value system he espoused, Wonki Forest has taken a global approach from the beginning, taking popular drinks from other countries as references and adapting them locally to bring them to market.The nature of geo-cash is that a product’s success in one region and market means it has the potential to be replicated in other markets.It’s a theory that works for Andrea, because it works for him right from the start.Andrea Tang is known as the ‘father of the copycat Happy Farm’, because when he saw the popularity of the domestic happy Farm, he keenly saw the business opportunity, quickly followed, pushed the product to foreign countries, in foreign harvest.Meanwhile, Andrea’s marketing strategy, no matter how good it is, needs credibility. Yuki Forest Fizzy Water’s simple slogan — zero sugar, zero fat, zero calories — is appealing, but it’s also met with some skepticism.The “zero sugar” of Genqi Forest is misleading and does not mean sugar-free. The added sweetener in the ingredient list does not mean absolute health.Some of the additives added in the yuanqi forest can disturb the intestinal flora when taken too much, which affects metabolism and eventually leads to weight gain. As a side effect, it is easy to cause gas and stomach discomfort.And the propaganda is similar with vigour of forest on milk tea products, propaganda slogan is “0 sugar, low fat”, it is also a kind of misleading, because “0 sugar” and “0” sugar cannot delimit equal-sign, who like to drink milk tea again afraid get fat, choose from forest milk tea also may get fat, misleading consumer behavior, this also let consumers have a feeling of be cheated.Genqi Forest apologized and changed its advertising copy to “low sugar, low fat”, while upgrading its milk tea products.For consumers who have already purchased, they can apply for refund and reissue red envelopes.But some consumers aren’t buying it. After all, you can’t make up for the gap with an apology.In fact, in terms of health, public dietitians believe that sugar-free drinks may not be as good as ordinary drinks, because a large number of sweeteners, although no calories, but the sweet taste can reach 200-300 times that of sucrose, which is easy to stimulate the brain, cause endocrine disorders, so that the demand for carbohydrates is greater.In this way, the product concept of Yuanqi Forest seems somewhat funny, focusing on the health series. In fact, the nature of the product does not bring health, which is far from the customer-centered product idea.Today, Yuanqi Forest is still expanding, opening up offline channels, building factories and expanding overseas markets.Just hope that the vitality of the forest in the continuous product upgrade can really do customer-centric, not just to create a gimmick, after all, the long-term development of the brand depends on the product, only the product is really popular, it can obtain the favor of consumers.What do you think of Genki Forest?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better content.- END – the gold

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