A highway crossing in Yuncheng under normal epidemic prevention and control

Staff in yuncheng west high-speed mouth by car three yards joint check Yellow River news network Yuncheng news (reporter Yang Bo) recently, after the whole city unremitting efforts, continuous fighting, Linyi county epidemic transmission chain has been cut off, Yuncheng from local epidemic emergency treatment into the stage of normal epidemic prevention and control.So what are the current epidemic prevention and control measures at all highway intersections in urban areas?Reporters came to the city yuncheng west high-speed mouth and airport high-speed mouth to explore.In yuncheng west high-speed mouth, the reporter saw the salt lake valley WeiJianWei, salt lake valley transport department of traffic police brigade, the salt lake valley, the salt lake valley patrol special police brigade four units joint working group on epidemic prevention and control are responsible to check to do it on the car, will check and will check people, to ensure strict will tighten a rot “outside the input” mark.According to a three-yard joint investigation conducted by the staff at the Yuncheng Airport expressway, at present, in addition to production and daily life supplies for vehicles, vehicles from other provinces and cities involved in the epidemic in this province will be encouraged to return in principle after registration.Production and daily supplies in other provinces are guaranteed for vehicles, and elimination is carried out at the landing point;The “double code” of the passenger and crew is all green, and the passenger shall hold the 48-hour nucleic acid certificate, and check the “double code” after landing. There is no abnormality, take good protection (wear masks), and the cargo receiving unit (enterprise) shall appoint special personnel, implement closed-loop management and “point-to-point” transfer requirements, and then register and release.Vehicles from cities not affected by the epidemic in this province should be double-coded green, with 48-hour nucleic acid certificates, protective measures (wearing masks), and be released after verification and registration.”Double code” abnormally advised to return.Local vehicles (including those registered with foreign license plates and actually used locally) with double green codes for drivers and passengers with trips to non-affected cities in the province shall be released with 48-hour nucleic acid certificates, masks and protective measures.At the same time, local vehicles (including those registered with foreign license plates and actually used locally) will be strictly inspected. Passengers and drivers with “double code” green and no foreign trips will be released with proper protection.Field staff told reporters that the next step, the working group will be in strict accordance with the municipal committee of the eighty-second city of epidemic prevention and control of workshops and epidemic prevention and control headquarters meeting decision deployment, resolutely put an end to paralysis of thought, the gung-ho, fluky psychology, slacken mentality, to bite the bullet and defend, ShenZhongRuShi, fight to the end, strengthen the prevention and control of good hard-won achievements,We will further implement the requirements of “preventing imports from abroad and rebounding from within”, strictly enforce the prevention and control measures at entry points, continuously strengthen prevention and control measures at highway intersections, and resolutely protect the safety of people’s lives and property with concrete actions.Reprint statement: this article belongs to this website original manuscript, without this website permission, shall not be reproduced.

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