King of Glory: Luna’s life love return Lantern Festival, miss no longer direct sales return

King glory is the Lantern Festival on the day when I was in the 15th luna back skin a life of love, this is my unexpected, valentine’s day is just in front of the occasion in the form of draw back to zhou yu love flowers marry skin, this comes back for luna a life of love, beauty you have to let I doubt day this is to impact performance for own department to get a start in the New Year?First we to say luna skin this life love, the skin is the linkage of a Chinese Odyssey out a skin, modelling is reduction of the modelling of the characters in a Chinese Odyssey, with a red wedding clothes is very happy, and please the film dubbing is the original dialogue dubbing voice teacher, skill effects is well made, and can say is a constant of a skin,Every year, she will appear in the encore vote of the anniversary celebration. However, due to the high difficulty of operation of Luna, the hero, not many people can play this hero well, so the encore vote every year and not be selected every year. This encore vote in the form of direct sale in the mall also meets the friends who like this skin to a certain extent.By convention, the skin after back, then won’t be in the form of a mall sale straight back, but she is likely to be in the form of draw back, like a little skin, zhou yu’s true love to marry, in the form of draw back, but the price may be higher than that of direct selling price, how do you see the back?

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