Revice: Episode 23 Intelligence map homage to the orange elder name scene;Chef Lou will defend the curry chef to the death

I have to say, it’s hard to watch Kamen Rider now. Some people used to watch kamen Rider with love power, but in this world, there are so many kids, they thought they were doing the right thing, but they ended up killing a lot of people.So, if you meet those brave people who are willing to use their love to generate electricity, just say thank you!Now, let’s see what the Intel chart says.01 uncared-for weiss now what to say on a set about, say simple point, that is a headache, a hui love dearly, so with the new toys, the results into a hell is empty, the devil in the world, Dr. Said after watching the very dubious, and he doesn’t know the props, without the permission of Dr. Incredibly secretly manufacturing seals that is infringement!Right now, the Doctor is leading a team to kill him.Okay, wes was still a good boy under the supervision of Yihui, and even let us think that Wes was cleaned up.No one cares about Wes, maybe he took Yihui’s words as a deaf ear, our task now is to protect the air stage of the comedian, not to play on the side.Then Wes went to play, picked up A baseball bat on the edge of the play, say whether to call A small husband, and big male, if this operation will achieve doraemon crew in the knight shed re-employment.You know, when I talk about baseball, it reminds me of the famous scene of Orange: Kamen Rider’s dynamic vision test.Is this some kind of homage, intentional or not, to the devil’s dynamic vision test.In addition to jojo at the baseball field, Wes went to the arcade to play.I think at this time of a hui heart very collapse.Because Wes is messing around in the street like this, sophomore and xiaoying can’t go down, how to bring Yihui back?How about a kick?If you can also drop a ring ghost seal developed!02 curry fighting for the floor master as we all know, yihui, sophomore and sakura’s devil is only sophomore your floor master the most disobedient, in order to find the base of Deadmans, or by super spicy curry rice moved the floor master.Say this time building master come out, did big two with building master do some shady PY trade?Then in order to protect our cook, Lou chose to fight, but!A lot of people in the Revice crew have too much blood. Lou, can you attack them?In other words, how should the master of the building beat back the enemy, because that is the scraping master that everyone knows!In other words, is to wait for weiss to save the field, or dozen dozen feel beat, bring small ying ning to Lu Da yo?Or was defeated by squid guy, and that day squid guy happy: you picked up a life!03 jade buy jun feel there is a knife now, Flou wash white change back to once the jade buy Jun, and then hair style from watermelon pot lid head into the previous literary young man, in the last episode of the time jade buy Jun has lived in 50 Haze home, and the latest still looks like jade buy Jun to small cherry consultation what?Or was it an apology for what I did, and now that I’m so clean, I always feel like there’s a knife?So what do you think?Kamen Rider Revice episode 23: What is it?

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