Some thoughts and understanding on the work of grassroots people’s livelihood under the new situation

After the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the importance of social work with people’s livelihood as its main content has become increasingly obvious, and party committees and governments at all levels are paying more and more attention to it.In the face of the complicated social interaction of interest groups, how to do the people’s livelihood work is more complicated.Grass-roots workers need to carefully study the current policies, carefully investigate various objects, coordinate all departments, unify policies, and avoid policy reuse.The difficulties faced by the situation and the trend of development in our work related to people’s wellbeing can be summed up in eight words: horizontal broadening and vertical deepening.This means that the areas of social security will continue to expand and the content of social security will continue to increase. We need to keep up with the progress of the world, as well as other regions and even the international community. We need to lay a solid foundation for social security, but we also need to develop in an innovative way.In terms of quality, the content has become more detailed, the standards have become higher, the requirements on the government and its employees have become more stringent, and public oversight has become more extensive and in-depth.The expectation of the society and the people is getting higher and higher, and the appeal for working attitude, ability, fairness, justice and openness is becoming more and more direct.Do a good job in various livelihood security services, complete complex, complex and ordinary daily social security work, and on this basis, produce characteristics, highlights, innovative work.First, fully understand the particularity of the work object, do a good job in basic data construction, and ensure that the life fundamentals of the object are guaranteed.Main object of the work of the people’s livelihood is a specific population, low income, low income, is difficult, all kinds of people with disabilities, home educated youth, etc., are “special”, specific people, is weak or relatively vulnerable groups, should ensure that citizens basic life safeguard, according to the situation to improve their quality of life, is the guarantee the stability of the necessary work.The characteristics of working objects needing help from the government determine the stipulation of policies for people’s livelihood, the principle of implementation, the guarantee of services, and the universality of the bottom line, thus reflecting the fairness of society, the openness and direction of government work.Different categories of work objects have different types and levels of demand, which determines the different ideas, ways, breakthrough points, starting points (foothold), priorities, projects and operation methods of specific people’s livelihood work.In view of the nature and category of work objects, both subjective and objective requirements of government staff engaged in livelihood work should have “four hearts” : heart, carefulness, love, enterprise.Seriously responsible, wholehearted, sincere devotion to work, the full implementation of policy provisions, leadership instructions, arrangement of work and requirements.Careful.In the work planning, implementation, implementation, acceptance and evaluation of each link, must be meticulous, can not appear any mistakes, a little negligence may bring negative impact on the life of the work object, may also fall into a passive and affect the situation of work.Love (good heart, conscience)From the perspective of the work object, I can put myself in the position of the work object, so that the work object can feel the care of the party and the government, the warmth of the society, and play a positive role in the harmony of the region with emotional work.”Enterprise.”High standards to complete the urban related departments, street leaders handed over the “prescribed action (work, task)”, seriously lay a solid foundation for work, basic work;Strive to design, plan and implement innovative “optional action (work, task)”;Reflect working ability and attitude through good working condition and level.Second, change the service concept, strengthen the four consciousness.Strengthen the consciousness of serving the masses wholeheartedly, correct the ideological direction of serving the masses.Through a variety of education and intensive political thought work, solve the staff wholeheartedly the ideology which serves for people’s understanding on the existing problems and improve the quality of the staff of political and ideological awareness, strengthen the consciousness of service for the populace, eliminate rampant, create a good atmosphere of service for the populace, does the practical work.We will strengthen our awareness of comprehensive services and expand the scope of time and space for serving the people.Include: serve the masses of the whole staff sex, omni-directional sex;Serve the masses all the time, regular, adhere to the routine, daily;Serve the masses of substantive, effective, implement, improve some very good measures to achieve the desired effect;The whole process of service for the masses, consistency, tracking services for special vulnerable groups;The overall consistency and focus of service for the masses should be comprehensive and specific when providing services for the masses, reflecting the characteristics of full staff, full time, full journey, full strength and all-round service.Strengthen the awareness of quality service, improve the level of service for the masses.First, we should focus on talent construction, strengthen training, cultivate comprehensive talents with high quality and rich knowledge, improve comprehensive quality and improve business ability;Second, we should focus on the “hardware” construction, improve service conditions, enhance service level, to meet the growing reasonable demand of the people;Third, a reasonable and effective quality evaluation system should be established, with clear objectives, quantified indicators and clear rewards and punishments, so that everyone can work hard to lay an institutional foundation for improving the quality and grade of service and achieving a qualitative leap.Fourth, the concept and mode of service guarantee should be changed from passive service guarantee to active service guarantee, and from reactive service guarantee to intensified service guarantee in key seasons and directions.Strengthen management, efficiency awareness, establish effective mechanisms for serving the masses.First, we need to establish and improve systems, do a good job in top-level design, solve the problem that there are no rules to follow, and gradually establish a feasible and effective supervision and inspection mechanism that serves the people.Second, to pay attention to the implementation of systems and measures, strengthen the concept of laws and regulations, the awareness of handling affairs according to law, increase service efforts, establish a good service order;Third, we need to strengthen publicity and education to address some ideas and practices of the people that exceed standards or policies.Fourth, we should vigorously carry out activities to prevent corruption and build integrity, increase income and reduce expenditure, and prevent and eliminate waste, so that the limited funds and resources can be brought into full play.

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