Doggo will be the first and Uzi will be the second.

Introduction: Since Uzi player came back to BLG team, we all hope to see whether Uzi player can compete in LPL again in a different state. Unfortunately, it can be seen from the current matches that Doggo player from Taiwan has played very well and won several matches in a row.In the last game against RNG team a year ago, most people thought Uzi would start against his old team and his old teammates.Focus from LPL posters photo electricity JingChun night against: current BLG bin and at the beginning of the season just changed into single join players of both teams, the author is bullish on the BLG team overall strength is better, RNG clan is tiger back in the middle and bin to join feel communication and running-in also can’t do so well last year,Therefore, I only think that the BLG team has a high probability of beating RNG team when it has won many matches in a row. RNG team still feels not decisive enough when it has beaten the weak team in several matches before.From BLG team after the game back picture: well, the author today to share here, how do you think Uzi players did not play before the year?Feel free to leave a comment below and thank you for your support.

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