Company research | Zhengyuan Wisdom: Digital RMB will welcome inflection point campus scene expansion or become a new growth point

Financial Union News Agency (Hangzhou, reporter Chen Kang), digital RMB is a digital form of legal tender issued by the People’s Bank of China. It is a new payment method that China has been committed to promoting for a long time. It is known as the “new infrastructure” in the era of digital economy.At present, the digital RMB is being piloted in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi ‘an, Qingdao, Dalian and the Winter Olympics scenes (Beijing, Zhangjiakou).In the Implementation Plan for the Development of Qiantang River Financial Harbor (2021-2025) released in early 2022, Zhejiang province proposed that it would strive for the implementation of digital RMB pilot.According to financial union learned from a number of Zhejiang financial personage, Hangzhou is expected to become a new batch of digital RMB pilot cities.With the continuous promotion of the pilot of digital RMB, various enterprises in the industrial chain, including all kinds of banks, payment enterprises, scene parties and technical parties, are also more and more in-depth in the layout of digital RMB business.Among them, whether there is a corresponding breakthrough in technology, whether to go deeper into the market in the scene, etc., has become one of the directions of pilot work to explore innovation.Headquartered in hangzhou, the listed company is RMB (300645 SZ) wisdom is according to the characteristics of frequent closed controlled, trading a campus digital yuan pilot, dong secret Zhou Junhui yonhap news agency reporters recently to research the company goods, to the user the original intelligence system upgrade and expand the new scene, will become the new business growth point.As the pilot cities and scenes continue to spread out, the layout of the enterprise waiting for the opportunity.Zhou Junhui introduction, jung-won wisdom has completed with the five line and part of the joint development of digital yuan system of commercial bank, and completed the digital currency for the development of intelligent terminal, namely support “card code face coin” the integration of the trading terminal, and digital yuan hard wallet double offline capabilities and other technical accumulation, “faucet is ready to, such as water down.”According to data disclosed by the Central bank, by the end of 2021, there had been more than 8.0851 million digital RMB pilot scenarios, with a total of 261 million personal wallets opened and 87.565 billion yuan in transactions.The digital RMB market is vast.According to the estimation of Hua ‘an Securities, the digital RMB hardware and software industry upgrade will bring about 140 billion yuan market space, including the bank core system upgrade of 5.1 billion yuan, digital RMB hard wallet upgrade of 33.9 billion yuan, ATM upgrade of 50.7 billion yuan, smart counter card issuing machine upgrade of 32.3 billion yuan, merchant POS equipment upgrade of 19.2 billion yuan.Essence Securities research report pointed out that only from the infrastructure and system transformation of commercial banks, the whole digital RMB transformation is expected to drive a total investment scale of 116.5 billion yuan.As for Zhengyuan Wisdom, in March 2021, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China, and became a cooperative enterprise for the application of digital currency scenarios in campuses, parks and enterprises designated by the Institute. The r&d of software and hardware follows the technical specifications of the top-level design standard of the Institute.Financial Union reporters noted that the majority of listed companies related to digital RMB focus on hardware equipment research and development and application scene construction.Focusing on the latter, Zhengyuan Wisdom carries out technological research and development of digital RMB soft and hard wallets and intelligent terminal production, focusing on campus application. It has signed cooperation agreements with a number of banks to complete technical docking and provide hardware and software products and services for the implementation and promotion of digital RMB on campus.At present, Zhengyuan Wisdom is implementing the construction of digital RMB scenes in many colleges and universities.Zhou Junhui said, “The company will start the construction of the digital RMB campus scenario application project in the second half of 2021. The first project is in The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, which was implemented last year and passed the acceptance of the university and the Bank of Sichuan Province. The project is currently in normal operation.The digital RMB project has been implemented in Suzhou University, Hainan Normal University, Qingdao Vocational College of Engineering, Hunan Police College and Hunan Foreign Languages Vocational College.”Digital yuan purse into soft hard purse, wallet and the former is given priority to with mobile phone APP, which is based on the “chip” purse, including card wallets, smart watches, smart bracelet and so on the many kinds of form, can realize the point-to-point individual pay, double offline payments, and other functions, including double offline payment in pay no network under the situation of both sides,It is an important direction of digital RMB innovation scene.According to financial union reporters understand, zhengyuan wisdom has completed the technology accumulation of hard wallet double offline function test.The focus of digital RMB application is to expand diversified application scenarios. Relevant listed companies have covered smart campus, smart transportation, digital government affairs, cross-border payment and other scenarios.At present, Zhengyuan Wisdom has served nearly a thousand colleges and universities, increasing nearly 100 college users every year, and its business focus is campus scene construction.Also based on the smart campus scene is New Cape (300248.sZ);Xiongdi Technology (300546.SZ) focuses on the application scenarios in the field of bus payment;Nantian Information (000948.SZ) focuses on the construction of cross-border payment scenarios.A professor from Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics told The Reporter of Finance Union, “The application and ecological creation of digital RMB scenarios will bring great industrial space. On the one hand, it is about the input of software and hardware on the consumer side, and on the other hand, it helps enterprises form a financial service system based on digital currency.””Judging from the popularity of the pilot cities so far, the number of account opening and transaction volume have achieved the expected results,” said the professor. “The next step is to promote a fully socialized scene.At the same time, the security, convenience and efficiency of cross-border payment and settlement will greatly increase.”Due to the characteristics of high frequency payment, closed and controllable, the campus scene has become a good pilot scene of digital RMB.Zhou junhui said that as the central bank accelerates the application of digital currency across the country, the company will actively promote the application of digital YUAN in campuses, parks, enterprises and public institutions.Innovation and improvement of campus service ecology has always been zhengyuan Wisdom’s “old line”.Zhou Junhui introduced that with the continuous expansion of the company’s scale, deepening of services, continuous mining of demand, the use of its own competitive advantages and sustainable development ability, gradually formed a multi-dimensional and multi-level profit model: one is to provide customers with software platform products and intelligent terminal hardware products, to obtain project benefits;Second, by providing users with high-quality and efficient after-sales service to achieve operation and maintenance benefits;The third is operating income and value-added service income.Goods association the reporter understands, digital currency in campus scene application, a kind of intelligent system is a new campus, another kind is the campus the wisdom of the original system upgrading, with subsequent Numbers and the further promotion of the application, application is yuan wisdom will gradually expand the social scene, to the company’s performance has a certain improvement.The e-campus platform launched by Zhengyuan Wisdom in 2018 has more than 15 million users, with more than 3.5 million daily active users and more than 20 billion yuan transaction flow.The self-service laundry project of TO C terminal covers nearly 2 million student users, with daily transaction volume of more than 300,000 yuan.”In the future, we will increase efforts to expand the university market, which is our main business, and once the university market is achieved, the stickiness is very strong.”Zhou Junhui said that the company will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, actively promote the innovative application of digital RMB, continue to deeply cultivate the education market, constantly explore new industrial markets, and increase the proportion of operational services and value-added services to achieve sustained growth.

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