Shanxi Third Construction Held the 2022 Board of Directors (expanded) meeting and the regular meeting of work safety in the first quarter

Yellow River News Changzhi news: On January 24, Shanxi Construction Investment Third Construction Group held the 2022 board of Directors (expanded) meeting and the regular meeting of the first quarter of work safety.The conference strictly follows relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and has one main venue and 12 video sub-venues.More than 370 people attended the meeting, including directors of the Group, all members of the safety committee, safety directors, production managers, epidemic prevention and control leaders and project managers of grass-roots units.The picture shows: At the site meeting of the 2022 Board of Directors (Expanded) meeting of Shanxi Third Construction Co., LTD and the regular meeting of the first quarter of Work Safety, the participants collectively studied the Regulations on The Work Safety Responsibility System of the Main Responsible Persons of Production and Operation Units in Shanxi Province.The Safety management Department made a report on the special inspection of the group’s construction fire protection in the winter of 2021, arranged and deployed the centralized action of the investigation and rectification of the risks and hidden dangers in the safety production field of the Group, and reported the summary of the safety work in 2021 and the safety work plan in 2022.The Engineering management Department made a summary of the group’s production completion in 2021, and planned and deployed the group’s key work in 2022.Liu Renwang, party Secretary and chairman of Shanxi Sanjian Group, fully affirmed the organizational form and content arrangement of the meeting, and emphasized four points.First, grass-roots units should actively strive for safety benchmark projects, and constantly improve the level of safety production control and enterprise brand influence.Second, the group should firmly establish the management concept of “reducing cost and increasing efficiency, improving quality and increasing efficiency”, further promote the fine management of projects, and further strengthen the construction of professional ethics and professional ability of project managers.Third, grass-roots units should earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, including migrant workers, and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of wage payment.The main leaders of grass-roots units must stick to their posts, perform their duties conscientiously, ensure that wages are paid in place, and resolutely put an end to mass petitions and other adverse events.Fourth, we will resolutely implement the general tone of economic work set at the Central Economic Conference of “keeping stability as the top priority and making progress while maintaining stability.” We will firmly shoulder the primary responsibility for maintaining stability, earnestly implement the guiding principles of the conference, and welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress in a secure and stable environment.Meeting requirements, first, always adhere to the “people-oriented, people first, life first” concept of safety development, a deep understanding of the current situation of work safety, a political high grasp of all safety prevention work.Second, thoroughly implement the new work safety law, effectively consolidate the responsibility of work safety by improving system construction and innovating working methods to ensure the safe and stable development of the Group.Third, we will earnestly implement the spirit of the CCDIC meeting and do a good job in work safety, epidemic prevention and control, and stability maintenance through letters and visits during the two Festivals, the TWO Sessions and the Winter Olympics.Fourth, grass-roots units should be guided by the spirit of “double generation Meeting” of the Group to make overall planning and advance layout of production and operation work in 2022 to ensure a “good start” for the group in the first quarter.(Xu Kaifeng)

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