Parents of the five misunderstandings to college students, the specialist does not count college students?University must package allocation?

Leave those who make useless pressure to you, a lot of students took an examination of the specialized subject, some people immediately said that or undergraduate course, then students take an examination of the undergraduate course, immediately some people say that the education is not worth it and so on.Ask them is what educational background, mix of good?For this kind of situation, we college students should avoid in time, do not talk about these with them.This period yuan teacher specifically for parents out of an article, summed up everyone on college students 5 misunderstandings.Misunderstanding a: junior college students are not college students a lot of people on the Internet to promote junior college students are not college students, there are also a lot of parents in the recognition of junior college students are not college students, so what is the standard for college students?So run by the local people the student of 3, the student of 2 this institute can call college student?Can only university students be called college students?In fact, according to the relevant provisions of the state, all students who accept higher education can be called college students.Misunderstanding two: only rise this record of formal schooling is not worth only rise this student the graduation card that he gets really has mark, mark the word of starting point specialized subject.But the record of formal schooling that rises only this is the undergraduate course of the first record of formal schooling, they are taking an examination of grind, when taking an examination of make up is equal.When applying for some positions, it is not necessary to take the graduation certificate to him, and it is the same to give him a look at his academic background.So parents should not only focus on the “disadvantages”, but also look at the advantages.It is true that our society is becoming more and more focused on ability, and many people are comparing themselves to certain late bloomers. But how many billions of people make it?To tell you the truth, degree is very important at present, because students with a degree will not be restricted to apply for some good jobs, and people with higher degree are more able to learn, and learning ability represents everything.It is true that many students take part-time jobs in universities, either because they want to buy light luxuries or because their families are really poor.But let’s not forget, what is the purpose of sending our children to college for higher education?If you want to make money, wouldn’t it be better to earn high annual scholarships through study?Why send your child to college if you expect him to make a lot of money during college?Misconception 5: University package allocation is actually in the past can realize the allocation of university package, after all, in grandpa grandma that generation of junior college students is also very high, graduation direct package allocation.But now graduation package distribution, or to see the student’s professional characteristics, as well as the school’s plan.To tell the truth, after entering university, no matter undergraduate or junior college students, in fact, there is no worry about finding a job, after all, the level of education is placed here.In fact, it is quite normal for parents to have these five misunderstandings. After all, according to the previous cognition, university is all for distribution, and the degree of private university was not recognized in the past.However, The Times are developing, our parents must timely update.College students will become more and more common in the future, and then maybe ability is really the supreme time.I’m Miss Yuan. I focus on sharing the knowledge related to education and college entrance examination. Thank you for your support and attention.

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