Alert!”Zero threshold entry monthly salary over 20,000 yuan” Online fake recruitment “charming eye”

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · Huasheng Online April 6 news (all media reporter Wang Zhifang correspondent Li Na intern Wu Li) “experience is not limited, education is not limited” “mobile phone work zero threshold, monthly salary of more than 20,000 yuan”…Entering the spring recruitment season, recruitment websites have become increasingly active, and many job seekers are tempted by positions boasting “low threshold and high income”.Sanxiang metropolis daily reporter to investigate for days found that some recruitment platform false and misleading information flooding, job seekers frequently fell into multifarious fraud, suffering unbearably.Case one: Apply for a teacher, to the post became a sales “trap is really hard to prevent ah.”Speaking of his job hunting experience, wang Qin, who is about to graduate from college, sighed.After two months of looking for a job, she was misled by a fake job Posting and felt “heartbroken”.Wang qin told Sanxiang Metropolis Daily on April 2 that she received a number of interview opportunities after she started sending out resumes in batches on recruitment websites two months ago.But some of these companies sound very “high and mighty”, only to find that most of them are “selling dog meat”.On February 24, Wang Qin went to an educational institution in Changsha for an interview as a Japanese teacher.”When the company interviewed me, they said I was mainly responsible for teaching Japanese online and that the salary would be basic salary plus time fee. I was quite happy.”Ms. Wang said she negotiated with the company to officially start her job in March.Instead, on her first day at work, she was dragged into a training session with her boss on how to attract students to enroll online.”After the training on that day, the leader told me directly that I would be responsible for the recruitment of Japanese courses in the future, and that there would be a certain amount of sales every month. If I failed to reach the target, MY salary would be deducted.”Wang Qin told reporters that on the day of the training, she met several employees who attended the training together, and learned that they were also like her, interviewing for a position as a teacher, but turned into a sales position after coming.”The company was only recruiting for teachers of minor languages and interest courses, but it was actually recruiting sales and online customer service under the banner of teachers. There was no such thing as a teacher.So-called teaching courses are mass-produced in advance and do not require a teacher at all.Many of those who come to work are college students facing employment and have no social experience, so they can easily fall into the ‘pit’.”Wang qin told the reporter that he later checked through Tianyan, and found that it did not exist, the name on the recruitment website is an empty shell, “stayed for a week, resolutely quit.”Case two: recruitment change training, job hunting first pay money “by voice can also make money, 1000 yuan /1 hour, 5000 yuan /3 hours, 8000 yuan /5 hours……”I believe many people have seen this slogan on the Internet.Many advertisements claim that as long as you have a mobile phone, whether you are a student in school or a mother with a baby at home, you can easily achieve a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan.”Who wouldn’t be attracted to an hourly salary of thousands of yuan?”Xia, a post-90s baby mother in Changsha’s Kaifu district, wanted to find a part-time job online to increase her family’s income.When I saw a part-time dubbing advertisement on a video website, I signed up without hesitation. Then I was invited to fill in a questionnaire and was asked to scan the code to enter the group.After entering the group chat, the group owner refreshed “welcome new people”, while enthusiastically introducing how “make money” and “easy to get started” dubbing part-time.Xia said that when she asked the agency how to receive the order, the staff asked her to pay 199 yuan for the membership fee and told her that only after she joined could she provide part-time resources.In addition, the 199 yuan is not only the fee to join the club, but also provides five dubbing skills courses, so that they can learn to handle the orders more quickly after mastering the skills.”The staff told me that with a little training in my voice, I would have no trouble getting a job.”She was persuaded to pay the 199 yuan membership fee.In the second half of the course, Ms. Xia began to feel that the direction of the experience class was “wrong”. “Although the teacher was also in class, she spent more time on the advanced course of publicity in addition to the knowledge of dubbing.The teacher will suggest that these are just introductory courses and that we need more professional dubbing teaching if we want to receive orders as soon as possible.”According to the course trainer, the course is divided into three stages: elementary, middle and advanced, and the tuition is 5980 yuan, 6980 yuan and 7980 yuan respectively.If they don’t have much money on hand, they can also offer loans that can be repaid quickly when they receive orders, which is also an investment.Ms. Xia realized something was wrong and quit the group chat.But she says customer service still sends her private messages every other day.The reporter searched on a complaint platform, and there were hundreds of complaints about part-time dubbing, many of which were about “inducing loans and refunding fees”.”Now some recruitment online part-time job information is very much, but also mixed.”In the interview, a number of job seekers said that through these websites to find a part-time encounter is intermediary.Two or three hundred yuan to do the so-called “part-time information card”, and then pull the so-called part-time information group, but the quality of the information in the group is not high, even many are false information.”Recruitment websites need to be controlled. They should not be allowed to post recruitment messages to any company,” said an insider.Having experienced online job hunting after being cheated, Ms Xia began to hold a wait-and-see attitude towards online job hunting.The reporter found in the interview, the network job seekers were cheated, most of them are just out of the society of college students and unemployed bao Ma.Many job seekers report that some recruitment companies create an appearance of “formality” on their recruitment websites, and then advertise high positions and high salaries to attract applicants.”Some online recruitment platforms lower the threshold of review in order to make KPI(key performance indicator) data beautiful.Recruitment websites are to blame for this.””Said Mr. Peng, head of a headhunting company in Changsha.The reporter’s investigation found that many well-known recruitment websites can release recruitment information as long as they simply register. The criminals just release false and misleading information on recruitment websites by relying on loopholes such as lax audit control, lack of credit system of recruitment parties and weak protection of personal information.”Compared with offline recruitment, online recruitment is indeed more convenient, but it also has many risks and requires extra caution.”Mr Peng reminds, when applying for a job on the net, the position information published by the online recruitment platform should be identified.For example, in the business inquiry platform to confirm the company’s business status, business scope and so on.”Those who pay first are basically pits, and those who draw big cakes should not go either. Big cakes generally mean big pits.At the same time, be wary of ‘low-entry, high-pay’ positions and don’t be too credulous.””Under normal circumstances, employers’ recruitment will be conducted through standardized recruitment platforms, wechat official accounts, official websites, university employment information networks, micro-blogs and so on. Some we-media or social networking platforms are also increasingly used.”April 6, senior economist, Member of the Hunan provincial vocational guidance expert group Qiu Zhijun said in an interview with reporters, recruitment information access channels increase, the amount of information, mixed, job seekers need to pay more attention to the screening of recruitment information, especially the “low threshold, high income” recruitment information need to be carefully screened,To avoid falling into job-hunting training, disguised fees, pyramid schemes, illegal work, pornography and other job-hunting traps or being lured into illegal and criminal activities.Sansho metropolis daily reporter found that the more specification of unit of choose and employ persons, have some standards and recruitment process, job responsibilities, job requirements, etc are relatively clear, to professional, educational background, degree, working experience, qualifications, skills, and even political landscape, the domicile, and so on has certain requirements, the recruitment process, the interview place, interview, etc. Are more specification.”There won’t be any ‘beautiful’ jobs that are ‘low-threshold, high-paying’ and ‘more money, less business, closer to home, more powerful and less responsible.”If they did, they wouldn’t have to advertise jobs with low requirements and high income.”Qiu zhijun said.Qiu Zhijun suggested that relevant information release platform strictly audit, good first pass;Job seekers should check the qualification of recruitment platform, identify the information released, pay more attention to the obvious “low threshold, high income” and other unreasonable recruitment information, pay attention to check enterprise qualification, business status, business scope, credit, pay attention to the interview process, interview location, interview method, etc.;Relevant competent departments shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the Provisions on the Administration of Online Recruitment Services, and timely publish the violations and punishments of online recruitment platforms;Human resources and social security departments, industrial enterprises and relevant professionals can regularly provide job hunting guidance and job hunting risk prevention related publicity guidance;Industry and employment and other relevant associations to strengthen the guidance of recruitment norms self-discipline self-inspection and socialized supervision.Department:According to the Regulations on the Administration of Online Recruitment Services, which will take effect on March 1, 2021,Human resources service agencies engaged in online recruitment services shall examine the authenticity and legality of recruitment general rules, business licenses or documents approved by relevant departments, identity certificates of personnel handling recruitment information release and entrustment certificates of employers provided by employers.Failing to perform the obligation of information examination according to law shall be ordered by the administrative department of human resources and social security to make corrections;Those who refuse to make corrections and have no illegal gains shall be fined not more than 10,000 yuan;If there are illegal gains, the illegal gains shall be confiscated and a fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 30,000 yuan shall also be imposed.

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