Is true!One to three out of ten people are cold…Is there any help?

That is to say, when adults joke, they often refer to themselves as “sexless.”But when your partner starts to suspect you’re apathetic, it’s a real joke.Is a partner who suddenly doesn’t want to touch her secretly cheating on her?Recently 26 years old floret is more distressed.The couple had been married for two years and wanted a baby, but couldn’t.They came to “Chengdu Women and Children’s Central Hospital” reproductive health and infertility department, looking for the chief physician Yang Dong.After both men and women finished their physical examinations, there was nothing serious.The moment I got the results, my wife started to snap.”You can’t have children when you won’t touch me.Speak, is there someone outside?”Floret and her husband are each other’s first love, feeling has been very close, the life of that respect has been very tacit understanding.But recently the couple began to discuss pregnancy, the husband has been unable to do…Floret thought at ordinary times oneself too coarse, then change pattern dress oneself, spray perfume, change a sexy pajamas what.In the past, the husband has been quick to get the signal.These days, however, her husband has little desire for that. All he does when he comes home is play games on his mobile phone, which is not his usual style.Hence floret decisive doubt: is this man outside someone?The husband also feels very injustice, oneself obviously what out of the norm thing did not do, but do not have the desire of common custom namely, be “that place” gave a problem to just bring about “that respect” not line?But the tests came back normal, so I don’t know!Fortunately, Dr. Yang Dong saved him by asking a question: is the recent work pressure quite big?The young man said he had been squeezed out of his energy by his boss during the day, and had to work on his mobile phone at night. He even had no desire to eat, let alone do bed exercise.All right, we’re done here.The young couple made allowances for each other and went home.Yang Dong doctor, we usually think that the elderly will appear cold, but in fact, the life of the elderly is wonderful.The age of the patients who really come to the clinic for consultation is concentrated in the young people around 25 years old.The main reason is caused by work pressure.What is frigidity?Mother-to-child single for many years is not sexual apathy…Dr. Yang Dong introduced, sexual coldness, refers to the continued existence of adult sexual interest and sexual activity to reduce or even loss of the state.Simply put, you don’t have that kind of mundane desire.Some mother-born solo feel that they do not like people, that is, cold sex;Or some well-behaved children in the critical moment can pull back from the precipice, after thinking of their own this can endure!You’re not getting cold, are you?That’s not true.According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Edition 5 (DSM-V), a diagnosis of impaired sexual desire must be sustained by a decrease or loss of interest or sexual activity for at least six months, and be associated with an impact on life or interpersonal interaction that causes clinically significant distress.(Pro version) In other words, you have to meet these conditions to consider anorexia as a disease state: 1. Not having that activity, not even having that desire.2. It’s been going on for at least 6 months.3. It has had a negative impact on normal living conditions.Otherwise, the majority of male compatriots in the face of “pay public grain” this kind of situation, don’t take this easy to wear the excuse of sexual coldness.Is it me?!According to the epidemiological survey, the incidence of female apathy in China is about 33%, and the incidence of male apathy in China is about 15%.The impression of most people is that the female appears sexual coldness, mostly concerned with psychological factors, and the reason for male sexual coldness is not concerned with that respect?It’s not.Dr. Yang Dong, male and female sexual apathy is mainly due to psychological factors, followed by male physical factors.Causes of female apathy: • Abnormal development of certain parts of the body (such as sunken nipples) and fear of being known.• Fear of sex due to experiences such as sexual assault or painful intercourse.• Fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.• Shame over lack of sex education.• Your sex life is unskilled and boring.• Simply don’t like the person in front of you…• Too much stress and no love!• Long-term use of certain medications leads to reduced libido.Reasons for apathy: • Lack of love because of the stress of raising a family.• A drop in androgen levels leads directly to low libido and sometimes erectile dysfunction in men.• Chronic diseases Chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, diabetes, chronic renal insufficiency and other diseases can lead to low male sexual function.• Medications Low libido in men can be caused by a variety of medications, including antipsychotic medications, blood pressure medications, and hormonal medications (estrogen, androgens).Four was diagnosed as sexual apathy, still save?– There must be, there must be.1, maintain a certain number of sex life long abstinence or indulging in sex are easy to cause apathetic, single friends can be self-sufficient, refuelling ~ 2, do a good job of foreplay, very important before the formal start of the exercise, whether this “beginning” is wonderful, it can be said that it is the most important decision to fit the feeling.Visual wearing sexy underwear, pajamas can bring the male visual sexual stimulation, stimulate sexual desire.Giving your partner a sincere compliment while listening to sex can also be an auditory stimulant!Use your favorite perfume, body lotion, shampoo, etc., to stimulate your partner’s sense of smell.Touch inner thigh, hip, lips, tongue, ear, neck, RU head, armpit, sole of foot, waist abdomen, etc., can try.3, maintain a good relationship Dr. Yang Dong: the two sides of the relationship is not good, especially a very strong husband and wife, also easy to appear cold sex.In fact, be sure to avoid the other side of the mood when the operation.When the other side pressure is too big, might as well give each other a little more space to relax.4, when necessary, treatment due to changes in hormone levels, long-term drug use caused by sexual apathetic, through a period of drug treatment will generally improve.Tried the above method of friends, if there is no obvious effect, it might as well take the other half to try psychological counseling clinic.Good good today’s gender health small classroom arrived here, I hope everyone can get sexual happiness ~

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