Qin Hao Fan Wei Ni Dahong in “To Beijing” is about to boot, see the screenwriter reputation more stable!

In 2020, Qin hao starred as Zhang Dongsheng in The Hidden Corner, an adaptation of Zijin Chen’s mystery novel Bad Kids.The whole “Hidden Corner” all acting online, zijin Chen’s “bad kids” to the extreme.Zijin Chen’s use of the names Zhu Chaoyang and Zhang Dongsheng suggests a similar relationship between the two men.Zhu Chaoyang is a child and leading role halo, let a person feel some permission pity, but in fact from two people on the road of no return point, they are enough sad urging.The sun rises from the east, the sun sets from the west, the east rising is the sun, the sun is also the east rising, but no matter who becomes who, through the baptism of darkness, stand out in the dark shine.Because the story of curiosity, excellent production, all the actors online, so once broadcast not only achieved high heat and results, and with this play Qin Hao is named “no crown actor” title, it can be seen that the industry inside and outside the Recognition of Qin Hao is quite high!Qin Hao also from now on resources, to broadcast a good play one after another.Now more than a number of episodes have not been broadcast, and spread the new play is about to boot the news, the new play is not only actors are strong, the writer is a surprise!Qin Hao is about to start the new play is by Qin Hao partner strength drama bone level actors Fan Wei and Ni Dahong family drama “Come to Beijing” in this “Come to Beijing” cast, is enough to arouse a group of people’s expectations.Qin Hao “uncrowned winner”, and made his debut for 27 years, has a unique insights on performance of old play bone corporate dilettantes, and was a late bloomer decades bit player, play various roles, finally because of a “love the old hand grinding coffee” popular ni da hong, a single person is singled out to watch, now this three people gathered, which will be necessary to let a person can’t imagine the surprise!The film “Come to Beijing” tells the story of Wu Xiangyuan, who left Beijing after graduating from university.More than a decade later, in middle age, he returned to Beijing.In Beijing, there are two nephews who are more than 20 years older than Wu.Below the arrangement of big nephew Feng Wei course of study, Wu Xiangyuan went to the company of Yang Qin, two people arrive gradually from antipathy unripe tacit understanding.But because Of Feng Weiye’s early retirement, Wu Xiangyuan had to leave Yang Qin’s company and switch to the express delivery company of feng Zhenxing’s son-in-law.Although Wu Xiangyuan is extremely uncomfortable in the express station, but he and Yang Qin’s affection advances by leaps and bounds.Feng Weiye misunderstood Yang Qin’s kindness and initiated the pursuit of her story.In the plot of the introduction of Qin Hao is undoubtedly played by Wu Xiang and Fan Wei, Ni Dahong is played in Beijing than Wu Xiang 20 years old two old nephews Fan Wei played nephews will not grind people make peach unknown, but funny is inevitable.And for Ni Dahong in “all good” su Daqiang’s performance, it is absolutely a headache of the existence, qin Hao played Wu Xiang in the drama has such two old children’s big nephew, estimated for Qin Hao is also a practice.Don’t say that it seems that tao is really on this “Come to Beijing” full of expectations!In addition to the outstanding cast, the scriptwriting team is also worth looking forward to. The legendary drama “The Blood”, starring Qiao Zhenyu, Xiao Yin and others, was broadcast in 2016. Due to its brilliant plot, novel setting, online IQ, reasonable logic and no delay, it stood out among the Anti-Japanese War dramas, which was not only popular,Moreover, it has achieved a platform as high as 8.2 points and high reputation.In 2015, the drama The Wrong Bus, starring Ma Shaohua and Guan Xiaotong, which is an emotional and ethical drama, won tears from countless people once it was broadcast. Even today, it is as classic as The Drama “Blood Reborn”.And these dramas are all from the “Come to Beijing” scriptwriter Zhang Qimin hands, although her works are few, but are outstanding reputation of the good drama.So I believe this is about to boot “to Beijing” also still won’t let a person down!Now it is reported that come to Beijing will start shooting around March 2022 if nothing goes wrong.So are you looking forward to the upcoming “Come to Beijing”?Do you expect qin Hao, Fan Wei and Ni Dahong to play the leading roles?

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