The change of the city landmark has witnessed the development of the City

Every city has its own landmarks, and the landmarks of each era are different. They carry the memories of a generation and witness the development of a city.Since the 1980s, jinan has been building landmark buildings, including shandong Sports Center, Jinan Yellow River Highway bridge, city ring Park, August 1 overpass and other buildings were selected as the top ten scenic spots (buildings) of Spring City from 1978 to 1988, reflecting the changes and development of Jinan’s urban construction in the past 10 years of reform and opening up.In the 21st century, with the rapid development of economy, urban construction has been turned on its head. Transportation hubs, commercial areas, parks, sports facilities and other landmark buildings have been built, becoming a beautiful landscape of the city.The change of Jingshi Road can be seen as the epitome of jinan’s urban development. In 2002, it was widened and reconstructed by Shidong Road, with a total length of 13 kilometers, reaching East Erhuan Road in the west and Xingcun overpass in the east. Yanshan Overpass was constructed simultaneously.In 2003, the two-way 14-lane Jingshi East Road and Yanshan Overpass were completed and opened to traffic, becoming the widest municipal road and the highest overpass in Jinan at that time.Since then, Jinan has taken jingshi Road as the main line and built the urban development axis. The Olympic Sports Center, Cultural and Expo area, central business District, Hanyu Jingu and Cultural and tourism City are all located on the north and south sides of Jingshi Road.In May 2006, as one of the main venues of the 11th National Games, the Construction of the Olympic Sports Center began. The layout of “East Lotus and West Willow” meets the requirements of national games and world single sports events in function, and becomes a landmark building with strong local cultural characteristics in design.In October 2012, hanyu Jinju started construction after passing the evaluation of the design scheme. Now, it has built a high-rises business office area, and the 339-meter-high Yunding Building once became the highest building in Jinan.At the same time of “opening up territory and soil” in the eastern urban area, road upgrading, old city reconstruction and landscape construction in the main urban area are also carried out simultaneously.In 2006, the expansion of Daming Lake scenic area started, and the original shanty area was built into the scenic area. The 51.7 meter-high detached building was built, which became a new cultural landmark of the city.In 2007, jiefang Ge and Shunjing Street area renovation project started, built a commercial complex and antique block, become a new landmark of Quancheng cuisine.In 2009, the demolition and reconstruction of puli Street Triangle began, and the construction of Greenland Puli Center began the following year. In 2015, the tower with a total height of 303 meters was completed and put into use, becoming a new landmark of high-rise buildings.In 2003, beiyuan Viaduct and Beiyuan Overpass, which run through the east and west of the city, started construction simultaneously. In 2007, they were fully completed and opened to traffic, becoming a new landmark of urban transportation.The construction of Jinan West Railway Station area in the western urban area began in 2009, and it has successively built transportation hubs, cultural facilities and business areas such as Jinan West Railway Station, Shandong Provincial Culture and Art Center theater, “Three Pavilions”, impression Jinan · Spring World.The continuous emergence of new landmarks in the city adds vitality to the urban landscape, and also makes Quancheng have more and more “new business cards”.

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