Mediatek Breguet 9000!OPPO and Redmi made it into the top 10 of Antutu’s Android flagship list

Recently, An Tutu external update in March Android phone performance rankings, in the rankings of Redmi K50 Pro ranked the top five, OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition ranked the top ten.Since its release, Mediatek Breguet 9000 has gained excellent reputation. Recently, many flagship phones equipped with Breguet 9000 have achieved a double breakthrough in performance and energy efficiency. With its core strength, Mediatek Breguet 9000 has landed on the performance list of Android phones.Phecas 9000, as mediatek’s flagship processor, is the first to use TSMC’s advanced 4nm process and Armv9 architecture.The octa-core CPU consists of a 3.05ghz X2 super-core, three 2.85ghz Cortex-A710 large cores and four Cortex-A510 energy efficient cores. The built-in 14MB super-large cache combination provides unprecedented core computing power support for the performance of Android phones.As for GPU, Breguet 9000 is equipped with Arm Mali-G710 flagship 10-core GPU, which can help the graphics rendering capability of flagship phones achieve new breakthroughs and bring users more smooth and realistic game graphics.Phecda 9000 luxury hardware configuration performance, energy efficiency comprehensive upgrade, to provide support for terminals (图 source network) At present, there have been many professional media on Phecda 9000 terminal evaluation, in “King of Glory” “Original God” and other games, equipped with Phecda 9000 terminal have achieved close to full frame performance,And in the body temperature control, power consumption and other aspects are also leading in the Android camp.Mediatek’s unique global efficiency optimization technology is behind the significant improvement in energy efficiency achieved by Phecas 9000.Mediatek’s global energy efficiency optimization technology can identify application scenarios with different load intensity. By formulating the corresponding energy efficiency curve for each IP module, it can open up the collaborative operation among each module, so that each core can cooperate to complete more tasks with lower power consumption.With the help of global energy efficiency optimization technology, the flagship phone equipped with Breguet 9000 can continuously provide high performance and smooth experience with lower power consumption, whether in continuous gaming experience, or in daily light use scenarios such as social interaction and drama watching.Breguet 9000 integrates Mediatek global energy efficiency optimization technology to achieve energy efficiency optimization in multiple scenarios. At the same time, breguet 9000’s higher energy efficiency performance solves the problem of high performance and high power consumption in the flagship mobile phone market, providing a better choice for mobile phone manufacturers.Consumers do not have to endure the temperature of a dragon phone while experiencing high performance.Strong AI performance is also essential for flagship phones, and breguet 9000 has topped the Zurich AI performance and energy efficiency rankings for the “double champion”.Breguet 9000 integrates mediatek’s fifth-generation independent AI processor, APU590, with a 400% increase in performance and energy consumption compared with the previous generation. The terrifying AI computing power can empower diversified application scenarios in the aspects of flagship mobile games, display, video, and so on, bringing comprehensive experience upgrade for users.Breguet 9000 is equipped with mediatek’s fifth-generation AI processor APU590, improving performance and energy efficiency by 400%. With the support of Breguet 9000 flagship performance, the two flagship phones on the list have achieved a leap in performance and energy efficiency.Another news said that Vivo new machine X80 series will also carry Phecda 9000, and blue factory from the research of professional image chip V1 and Mediatek mobile terminal game super sub technology, so it seems that will be born a “hit the list” strength of the flagship machine.As a “game-breaker”, Mediatek Breguet 9000 promotes the change of the pattern of flagship mobile phone market, making users have more and more choices.

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