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China beat Denmark in the third round of men’s curling at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning.While the flowers are blooming inside the stadium, the fragrance is outside the wall, and the “Olympic curling among the people” is popular among the people. Internet users posted self-made curling stones and all kinds of ice brushes made with frying pans, steamers and kettles. A group of videos shot in different scenes of throwing curling and trying to wipe the ground are quite happy, which makes people laugh.Curling’s live barrage is filled with questions: Who is the player?The one who threw the curling, or the one who wiped the floor?What exactly is the sport competing for?Because they can’t understand, so we can only watch a lively.It’s like people who don’t understand football suddenly get a sense of humor when they see a bunch of people running around for a ball.The price of a curling stone is RMB 10,000 yuan, while a set of first-class curling stones costs RMB 100,000 or even 200,000 yuan, which is a prohibitive for many people even if they want to play.This is not because China can’t make them. In fact, not only can China make them, but the cost is one-tenth that of foreign countries.But because the market is small, the industry can’t get up.Curling is as popular in some countries as table tennis is in China, and North America has the largest number of curling fans in the world.Curling, known as “ice chess”, is a brain-burning sport.To put it simply, the pot is always on the target, and the closer it is to the bull’s eye, the better the score is. The key to winning is to squeeze out the opponent’s pot, but also to ensure that their pot as high as possible, a mistake will lose the whole game.It takes a lot of eyes, a lot of hands and a lot of brain work to constantly look at angles, and it takes a lot of physics.Understand the people, of course, not only to watch, will only be obsessed into.”Heat” can be read from the joy imitation of curling, indicating that Chinese people have become interested in curling, which is the embodiment of the “heat” of ice and snow sports.At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation achieved “zero breakthrough” in 35 events, and won MEDALS and places in more snow and ice events. This shows that we have real competitiveness and can scale new heights.However, most of the imitation “playing treasure” is not a boring carnival in the Internet age, but the most grassroots way to express the vision of a better life, the fervour for this sport, the value is real, the most infected people.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.

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