Construction of “Cipher town” in Sijing: The integration of industry and city continues to be promoted by the dominant industry

Wang Jiayan, A reporter from, reported on February 15: Recently, Sijing “password town” was selected as one of the featured towns in Shanghai in 2021.As one of the characteristic towns built by Shanghai Songjiang, the leading industry of Sijing Cryptotown is positioned as an innovative industry of information technology application centered on commercial cryptography, and strives to build a national demonstration base of information security industry application in Yangtze River Delta.The planned construction area of Sijing Password town is about 4 square kilometers.In combination with the characteristics of regional industrial development, Sijing Town is striving to develop strategic emerging industries supported by commercial cryptography, information technology application innovation and 5G communication.In the construction field of commercial cryptography and information security application technology innovation industry, the G60 commercial cryptography industrial base, Songjiang Information Technology Innovation Industrial Park and 5G industrial base are mainly focused on.G60 commercial cryptographic industrial base is invested and constructed by Shanghai Zhixun Cryptographic Industrial Co., LTD.The construction of the base will start in October 2020, with a planned core area of 220 mu and a total construction area of 300,000 square meters. The total investment will exceed 2 billion yuan. The base is scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2025.The base is planned to take “one core, one axis, one ring and two wings” as the main layout. “One core” means to build an important engine of the cryptography industry with commercial cryptography detection center and cryptography Research Institute as the core.”One Axis” refers to the life service axis running through the whole park to create perfect, fast and convenient life service supporting facilities;”One ring” refers to the ecological landscape ring highlighting the humanistic landscape characteristics to create a green garden office atmosphere;”Two wings” refers to two areas reserved on both sides to provide unlimited potential for the sustainable development of the park in the future.At the same time, as the only commercial password detection center and the largest innovative password detection function platform in East China, the National Commercial Password Detection (Shanghai) Center has already landed in the password town and started operation in 2018.Authorized by the National Cryptography Administration, the center accepts the detection and evaluation of cryptography products nationwide, and the tested systems involve various fields such as finance, government affairs, medical care, education, insurance and industry.It has four central functions, namely, commercial secret product testing center, commercial secret application testing center, password testing technology center, and password testing personnel center.The relevant person in charge of Sijing town introduced that the commercial cryptography industry in Sijing town has a good development foundation and advantages, leading the cryptography application in China, achieving obvious industrial agglomeration effect, deepening the integration of elements, and gradually completing the industrial chain.”At present, we have gathered 26 enterprises in the field of commercial cryptography, and also established G60 smart security industry alliance, absorbing more than 100 enterprises from nine cities in the Yangtze River Delta to become alliance members.Shanghai Commercial Cryptography Industry Association has been established, with more than 140 registered members, committed to promoting the development of commercial cryptography industry in Shanghai and surrounding areas.”News reporter learned that, according to the plan, by 2025, see hengjing password town to forge a strong leading industry core competitiveness, will produce city depth fusion, livable appropriate industry town in town charm, vigor, to promote the see hengjing become wisdom for the high quality development of nuclear town, the people’s life more wonderful livable new town lay a solid foundation.In the next step, Sijing will actively strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the overall image of cipher town, and build a seamless, convenient and efficient public transport system between different modes of transport.Effectively improve the public service supporting facilities, enhance the people’s sense of gain, relying on the rich public service resources of Sijing Town, further promote the urban renewal of characteristic towns and the improvement of service supporting facilities, and realize the promotion of city by industry, the development of industry by city, and the integration of industry and city.In addition, we will continue to improve the business environment, increase business satisfaction, further improve industrial support policies, strengthen services for businesses, and create a quality business environment that encourages businesses to stay and thrive.What is a characteristic town?Characteristics of small town is the modern economic development to a certain stage of the new industry layout form, is a miniature industrial concentration area, emphasized to develop leading industries, attract talent, technology, capital and other advanced element agglomeration, with the high-end segment distinct industry characteristics, production city cultural fusion of multiple features, intensive and efficient characteristics of space utilization,It is a new development space with unique and strong industries, integrated functions, small but beautiful forms, and new and dynamic mechanisms. It is a new platform for high-quality economic development, a new carrier for new-type urbanization, and a new fulcrum for integrated urban and rural development.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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