Biyang County Public Security Bureau successfully completed the 2022 Spring Festival security mission

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Xiang-yang huang intern Garu correspondent Duan Kunjie Feng Hongkun) during the Spring Festival in 2022, biyang auxiliary police and the police of the public security organs closely around biyang county, the county government and zhumadian municipal public security bureau party committee work deployment, in order to “silent guardian”, “four action” and “six prevention to promote” activities, and communities inFirmly establish the concept of “the masses celebrate festivals, police stand guard”, give up the small home for everyone, stick to their posts, have the courage to take responsibility, hard work and dedication, during the festival, a total of 1030 effective police, including 2 criminal police, 124 public security police, 503 traffic accidents, 401 other police, dispatched more than 1500 people;A total of 6 people took criminal compulsory measures, administrative detention of illegal personnel 42 people, the county social security overall stability, no major incidents and security accidents, successfully completed the Spring Festival security task.We should improve our political position and make careful arrangements.On January 30, Wei Huawei, secretary of the Party Committee and head of Biyang County, led relevant leaders to visit the street duty station and the situation reference center of the county bureau.On the evening of January 31, Yu Wei, the deputy head of the county, visited the people auxiliary police who were on duty.On the afternoon of February 4, they visited some service stations for the convenience of epidemic prevention and control to inspect and guide epidemic prevention and control work, and visited the civilian auxiliary police and frontline staff on duty.Highlight work priorities and strengthen work measures.We will investigate and resolve conflicts and disputes.Combined with the deepening of the “four Major actions”, the “Three Zero” peace creation and the “six prevention and six promotion” activities, in-depth investigation of all kinds of contradictions and disputes, especially hidden contradictions such as feelings and debts, to prevent the occurrence of “civilian criminal”, “criminal life” and extreme violent individual crimes;Strict social control, police patrol, traffic police, police stations to maximize the police in the street, all police cars on the road will be flashing lights;According to the deployment of the Party Committee of the bureau, the grassroots police stations actively cooperate with rural patrol teams to carry out patrols and prevention, make every effort to reduce the incidence of criminal cases during the Spring Festival, and comprehensively improve the police rate and sense of security of the masses.Crack down on crimes and highlight them.Broke up an organized juvenile criminal gang and captured 6 members of the gang.We will strengthen public security management.We will continue intensive inspections.Arrested online fugitives 1, gambling illegal 23 people, involved in yellow 2 people, punished 4 hotels not truthfully registered guests.We carried out the activities of banning the burning and releasing of fireworks, and punished 17 people for illegal sales and discharge.Strengthen traffic and fire control management, ensure smooth roads, improve the satisfaction rate of the general public, to ensure safety without accidents;Strengthen epidemic prevention and control.According to the deployment of the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the county launched 11 epidemic convenience service stations on the morning of February 3 to strictly prevent the importation of COVID-19, and comprehensively strengthened the internal management of supervision sites, bureau offices and stationed units to ensure absolute safety.We will strengthen services for the people.During the Spring Festival, a total of 5 elderly and mentally retarded people were saved, and 4 conflicts and disputes were resolved. The household registration policemen of various police stations were on duty during the Spring Festival and handled the identity card and household registration business for returning people.At the same time, during the Spring Festival, the people returned to their hometown, and the auxiliary police of the police station went deep into the area under their jurisdiction to carry out anti-fraud propaganda and earnestly protect the property safety of the people.Strict work discipline, strengthen responsibility.During the Spring Festival, the high-level duty mode was launched in the whole country. The main leaders of Biyang Public Security Bureau took the lead on duty and were on duty. All the auxiliary police strictly complied with all kinds of police rules and regulations to ensure that the team did not have any problems, showing a good image of the public security team.(Information hotline: 0396-3599908, email:”Elephant Escort Office” tel: 18003719699)

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