People are terrible: humanity is behind niu Niu’s donation of $4 million, and then his ruin for charity

A few years ago, 64-year-old Niu Niu participated in a difficult diving program, resulting in an injury coma.It’s hard to imagine that an old artist would take part in such a dangerous event just for a little appearance fee.Born in Tianjin, the hometown of crosstalk, Niu Niu entered college and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in that era.In any case, the national first-class actor and the seventh generation of Chinese crosstalk performers should not put himself in such danger for a small amount of appearance fee.But in fact, the cattle had to do it.He had to pay for the kindness of his youth.A few decades ago, “Feng Niu combination” is very hot, probably like now “Shen Teng Ma Li” so.Feng Gong and Cattle first cooperation is in the spring evening, two people together to perform the “thief company” response is very good, these two also successfully opened in the domestic popularity.And before Niu Niu became famous, his first teacher, Liu Xuezhi, had married his daughter, Liu Su.Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, the cattle at that time was the time of both career and love.After the fame, the film is also more natural, the TV series “That five” extended an olive branch to cattle.Coincidentally, Feng Gong is also in Those Five.Feng Gong and Chang Baolin because of the cooperative relationship before, had become a good friend.Therefore, in the spare time of filming, the two often sit together and chat, and most of the time they talk about crosstalk.So they all have a kind of “met too late” feeling.As a result, crosstalk has a new pair of old partners, known as “Feng Niu”.Feng Niu group, like-minded.In the 10 years the two worked together, they ushered in their own golden age.In 1999, Niu Niu and Feng Gong performed cross talk look at these Two Fathers in spring evening.But did not expect, this performance is also a combination of Feng Niu’s final work.Niu Niu is originally a love to do STH over and over again, in the 10 years he cooperates with Feng Gong, he went to Peking University for further education, do photographic exhibition, and even set up Chinese star football team with zhao Benshan and others…There’s nothing wrong with these hobbies, at least if they don’t interfere with your day job.However, the cattle are not satisfied with this, in 2000, “China’s first cattle-raising county” looking for cattle to advertise, but let cattle germinate the idea of becoming county magistrate.And Niu Niu is also an activist, the idea came out, he soon to a poor county post.And Niu Niu has a brilliant idea: he wants to use his celebrity to lead his poor county out of poverty.At that time, Niu Niu’s wife Liu Su was very unsupportive of Niu Niu, Liu Su felt that niu Niu would only ruin their future.Indeed, when the cows of the crosstalk performers are boundless, the spokesmen are soft, and the money is full of pot and pot. Why go to the countryside to be the head of a poor county?But Niu Niu was a man of ideas. He would do what he decided to do, and he was happy about it.Niu Niu saw that the roads in the county were really difficult to navigate, so he used his connections to ask for help in repairing the roads in the province.Niu Found that many children in the county could not afford to go to school because of poverty, so he used his influence to build schools.Niu Niu didn’t want anyone to be left behind, so he gave 4 million yuan of his own money, and then led others to raise money to build a school for the disabled.I have to say, “celebrity effect” is a good thing, with “celebrity effect”, everything will be much more convenient.However, many times the “celebrity effect” can push a person into the abyss without even realizing it.In the first few years, Niu Niu devoted himself to helping the county’s residents out of poverty, visiting the city to seek connections and even paying his own money.Time pays off for those who wait. The poor counties took off their poverty hats led by the cattle, who were regarded as god-like men.However, let everyone did not expect is that the god of the general man, will capsize in the sewer.At that time cattle led a poor county water plant, because of poor management closed.When the water plant closed and was in debt, it was natural to blame the herd on the people who had initially encouraged it.In countless villagers blame and abuse, even if the cattle have 100 mouths can not say, can only silently carry the blame.However, when things got worse, someone even spread a rumor that niu qun had come to work as the head of a poverty-stricken county in order to make a quick buck. Although he had done good deeds over the years, he had also pocked 30 million yuan.As water can carry a boat, it can also overturn a boat.If the cattle had waited calmly for the results of the investigation, things might not have been so bad.However, niu Niu was so eager to prove his innocence that he donated all of his assets and lost everything.In the end, the investigation revealed that the cattle were not corrupt, but benefited all the residents.The school niu Niu took over had debts of more than 100,000 yuan, but when Niu Niu left, the school had a net worth of more than 9 million yuan.But the truth came too late.And the cattle’s wife Liu Su also because the cattle did not listen to advice, hurt heart.Niu and his wife amicably divorced in 2007.Different from the original success, after divorcing his wife, niu Niu’s career and love were frustrated. Sometimes, in order to make a living, he had to accept some business performances he did not like, which also led to the scene we mentioned at the beginning.In the words of Niu Niu, there is no one to play with me now. There are so many things that anyone can get into trouble.Do good cattle, but deeply hurt by “human nature”.Fortunately, Niu Niu still has Feng Gong.Feng Gong was different. At a time when everyone was shunning the cattle, Feng Gong was always willing to pull the cattle at the right time.So, cattle besides kneel day kneel outside parents, still kneel his former partner Feng Gong.It is easy to add flowers to a cake, but difficult to deliver charcoal in snow.The kneeling of cattle to Feng Gong is also a complete silence.Now, the cattle on the black pot has been scrubbed clean, at the beginning of the poor county children have already grown up, and still remember the cattle county magistrate’s kindness, but also to the past draw on a satisfactory full stop.Wish the cattle an easy time ahead.Thank you for your attention, your attention is my supreme power ~

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