Holiday Trusteeship closing ceremony was held at North Street

Chengbei Street held the graduation ceremony of holiday hosting class dongdong Dong again it is time for the god beast to return to the cage. The holiday hosting class of Chengbei Street also comes to a successful end. Reviewing this winter holiday, we have learned new knowledge and made new friends in the hosting class, which are our precious memories.On February 18th, chengbei Street holiday hosting class officially ended, the children who participated in the hosting class and the college students volunteers will go to a new journey and start the new semester of study.To this end, chengbei street held the holiday hosting class graduation ceremony, to send blessings and encouragement to the children of the new semester, to the outstanding college volunteers in the holiday dedication to give affirmation.More than one hundred students volunteers, children and some parents attended the graduation ceremony.On the graduation ceremony, the main person in charge of the street highly praised the students for a month, despite the cold, with parents’ ardent hope, hard work, discipline, with strong will to successfully complete the holiday trustee-class learning tasks of the spirit;I also expressed my heartfelt thanks to all the students for their hard work.College students volunteer representatives to share his valuable experience during the service, and said himself in the vacation managed class service during exercise their abilities, to realize their own value, I can look at children in their own company and coach had a meaningful holiday, itself also get great satisfaction and pride, the experience is valuable for yourself.He said that he learned a lot of knowledge, made new friends and improved his abilities in the holiday hosting class. It was a happy and fruitful holiday.The parents of the students expressed their gratitude to the holiday care class, and hoped that in the future holidays, the streets can continue to open the care class, for the residents to solve the holiday children “difficult nursing, education” problem.Then, the street for outstanding volunteers awarded certificates of honor and souvenirs, for the children to the new semester of the new pen bag, I hope the children in the new semester to study hard, day day up.In the end, all the participants solemnly signed their names on the banner of the college students’ holiday trustee-volunteer service activity in the north street of The city, wrote down their expectations for the new semester and took a group photo.In the next step, Chengbei Street will continue to use winter and summer holidays to open holiday care classes, carry out all kinds of meaningful and valuable activities, to provide a strong guarantee for children to spend a safe and happy holiday.Contribution: Pan Jin Review: Yi Bin Review: Wang Huxin

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