Hunan man made a big mistake for his son, lying in a coma in hospital, daughter: pull out the tube, don’t save

In our tradition, it is natural to take care of parents, but in a hospital in Loudi, Hunan Province, a 62-year-old man was lying alone on the bed, dying.The doctor said that the patient had been in a coma before being admitted to the hospital, and now his physical condition has turned to decline rapidly, and his life is in danger at any time. But he has been living in the hospital for several days, and he has not seen the patient’s family members.When all people doubt, a woman suddenly appeared, she claimed to be the daughter of the patient, but the next words in her mouth, but directly let the presence of all people shocked.Wang Jun: “Pull out the oxygen tube. There’s no cure.””The woman said nonchalantly, even in spite of the doctor’s attempts to move her hand.The woman was now in the hospital room, complaining with tears in her eyes.She introduced that the man lying in a coma in a hospital bed was the “father” she did not want to admit since childhood.”This man is unworthy. If he had not abandoned them for his own desires, how could he have come here?”She said her father had been told he was dying just a few days ago and was now lying alone in a hospital bed, unattended, waiting to die.Wang Jun this exactly is what kind of dispute, let this woman dare to say such a wicked words in defiance of the world;Is this moral indifference, or a distortion of humanity itself?In the past, wang Jun, a man with various tubes all over his body, had not his chest heaved and his monitoring instrument showed weak vital signs, almost making people think that he was a “corpse”.From the woman who claimed to be the patient’s daughter, we learned that the man’s name was Wang Jun. As she spoke, a story of the past gradually surfaced.Wang Jun was born in a rural family. His parents were biased towards him because he was the only boy in a family where boys were preferred over girls.In Wang Jun’s impression, his parents told wang Jun’s sisters more than once to be more lenient with their younger brother. Moreover, the old couple did not shy away from showing their partiality to their daughters.He even said directly to his face, “Our family will depend not on the water you will pour out, but on the royal army.”Since then, little Wang Jun firmly remember: “the boy can let the old Wang family to carry on the family line” Wang Jun later, Wang Jun went to school age, because the poor family can not support four children to go to school, several sisters without suspense dropped out of school, Wang Jun also fulfilled his wish into the campus.Fortunately, Wang Jun did not let his parents down, but did not live up to the efforts of several sisters.At school, Wang Jun always ranked first in his class in exams. Later, he was admitted to the ideal university by virtue of his excellent results.Soon after graduation, Wang returned to work in his hometown.The period of time that works in the countryside, he got acquainted with liu Li, the city girl with a pretty appearance, because they often work together, this one after another, two people slowly produced sincere feeling, then natural association.Although Wang jun’s family was happy about the marriage, Liu Li’s parents were not. They thought their daughter should marry into a “well-matched family”, not wang Jun, a poor boy.However, how could liu Li be dissuaded by her parents in a few words?Reluctantly, liu’s family finally agreed to the marriage.After marriage, the two are simply honey in the oil, very conjured love.After a few years, his work gradually improved. After joining the work, he was promoted by the leaders slowly. He rose rapidly and became the head of the local village at the age of 27.Looking at the Wang Jun of successful career, also begin to urge 2 people of husband and wife to want a child quickly inside the home, come it is old people anxious to hold grandson, 2 come it is, what Wang family instill as a child “carry on the family line” cause.Daughter Wang Qing is very quick, Liu Li gives birth to a daughter for Wang Jun, name “Wang Qing”, also be precisely because of this child, let this pair of conjugally loving husband and wife gradually get along with each other.Wang Qing was born, but Wang Jun’s parents will not be happy, they think wang’s family have to rely on Wang Jun inheritance, but now give birth to such a wench, how to do.Liu doesn’t care. Her family has not instilled such old-fashioned ideas in her, and she doesn’t believe her husband is a son preference.But so many years of imperceptibly, even if he had experienced higher education, but his parents’ words and deeds have gradually made Wang Jun think that it is appropriate to carry on the family line.Therefore, Wang Jun insinuates to his wife, is willing to have a second child, but unexpectedly, Liu Li refused without a word, she thinks that now should focus on work, and after all, it takes too much energy to have a child, one is already exhausted, let alone two.Seeing that his wife had refused so much, Wang Jun had to give up angrily.However, wang jun’s parents were not willing to give up. They hinted at wang Jun and Liu Li more than once to have another child, and eventually even forced them to roll over.Liu Li looked at her in-laws’ enthusiasm for “having grandchildren”, and she was not sure whether to laugh or cry. However, if she did not express herself, she was afraid that her husband Wang Jun would be embarrassed.”Mom and dad, you can rest assured, WANG Jun and I will let you hold your grandchild as soon as possible” Liu Li blushed and comforted.In 1998, Wang jun and Liu Li decided to have another child, but after a period of preparation for pregnancy, Liu Li’s stomach did not move.For this reason, Liu Li’s in-laws spent a lot of effort, and asked a Chinese doctor to recuperate, and also looked for a Western doctor to check, but so back and forth, Liu Li is no sign of pregnancy.Liu Li also began to be impatient, after all, had a daughter, plus his age is not small, even if pregnant to the fetus is not good, so she also no matter how the in-laws persuade, is not willing to give birth to the child.She even ignored her husband, Wang Jun, who was urged by his in-laws to discuss the matter with her.Gradually, she found that her parentsin-law seemed to be estranged from him, and after a long time, her husband seemed to begin to prevaricate with various reasons, anyway, is not home, gradually separated between husband and wife.Borrow abdomen parturient, wish all payment pictures from Internet if doesn’t go to the teahouse between wang jun at the age of 50, perhaps some kindness between husband and wife, but he does not regret, because he has a “reincarnation of the children” in 2004, wang jun at the invitation of a friend, come to a local teahouse, where he met Kang Ermei,She was 21 years old.After dropping out of school at the age of 16, Kang Ermei has been working in the city. She does not look outstanding, but because of her youthful breath, she is a young girl serving tea and delivering water, which makes 50-year-old Wang Jun become excited.Kang Ermei, who knows a lot about the world, understands the meaning in Wang Jun’s eyes. She knows that this old man seems to have some meaning to herself, and she also notices that Wang Jun, who sits in the top position, seems to have a position, which makes Kang Ermei, who has been used to poverty since childhood, can’t help but move her mind.This makes “lang sentient concubine intentional” two people, very soon “mix” together.Knowing that they have a family and are so far apart in age, they develop a “forbidden love”.Soon, Wang Jun proposed to Kang Ermei that he wanted to have a son, but Kang Ermei agreed without hesitation, which made Wang Jun a little overjoyed. In order to compensate Kang Ermei for being so “considerate”, he promised to supply her with a house as long as they gave birth to their son.Kang Ermei left one finally in 2006, Wang Jun looks excited to harvest his “love son”, he named his son Wang Kang, hope he is healthy and healthy grow up.Wang jun even hide from his wife, and then to his parents to go to the hospital to visit Wang Kang Kang Ermei and son, was also somewhat upset his parents would not approve this son, but after the two old man to the hospital, extremely delighted with his great grandson and kiss and embrace the happy look, wang jun know your worry about redundant.Wang Kang was taken home and raised in wang Jun’s sister’s house. He thought he could deceive Liu Li, who had not been with him for a long time, but she unexpectedly came to visit him.Originally, Liu Li did not know where to hear the news, rushed into the in-laws home, on the spot.This also lets both sides place the matter thoroughly on the surface, Liu Li is determined to want Wang Jun to give him a reasonable explanation.Wang jun is “the bachelor”, also consumedly square square of acknowledged that he is wrong, he also clap breast promised to his “wife” henceforth to break up with “that woman”, he also begged a way: “I this is in order to meet the parents want to have grandchildren will, after all, they keep me so big, I this son do not listen to”.In Wang Jun’s rhetoric, Liu Li finally compromised, although she was very angry, but for this crumbling home, she had to break teeth to swallow in the stomach.Liu Li left a “so, give the child a legitimate identity, I personally to raise” Liu Li bite do not know is what kind of mood to say this sentence.Wang was stunned, but he quickly smiled and agreed to her request.But what Liu Li did not know was that wang Jun was just delaying her tactics.In the following years, Wang Jun seemed to “disappear from the world” and did not return home for a whole decade.Until 2016, 62-year-old Wang Jun was hospitalized due to a sudden illness, while his “outer room” Kang Ermei and his 10-year-old son Wang Kang went nowhere.”Outside the room” to no trace, daughter make ward left a Wang Qing next is the beginning of the article that scene, Wang Jun’s daughter Wang Qing was king family cueddled to come to the hospital, let her take care of seriously ill coma Wang Jun, she was determined not to come, but she still came to the hospital.In the hospital, Wang Qing tearfully complained to the people present about Wang Jun’s “evil deeds”. According to her introduction, during the years when Wang Jun left home, he gave Kang Ermei a 163-square-meter house as promised.And after retirement, with their own provident fund loan of 200,000 yuan, and in the name of his daughter Wang Qing, these years are also her to repay.Moreover, a house under Wang Jun’s name was demolished, and after receiving 1.76 million yuan in demolition money, he did not even notify his daughter Wang Qing, who did not receive any money from her father.”Now that Wang Jun is ill, he thinks of us and our daughter. Why haven’t he seen Kang Ermei?”One of Wang Jun’s friends could not see it and stood up and criticized him:”What did your dad no matter before, as a child, you have no reason to let your father lying in hospital alone, prejudice, to do a children should be filial piety” hearing this, all of a sudden Wang Qing gas instead smiles, she looked at his moment became a lightning rod for criticism of the scene really couldn’t help crying, she particularly hard,What on earth is called “filial piety”……It was said that wang Qing should not persuade others to be kind without suffering from others. In the face of all kinds of criticism, it seemed that Wang Qing had reason to refuse to take care of Wang Jun when he was lying in bed. Although liu Li, Wang Jun’s first wife, knew about this and finally sent her daughter to take care of her father, what happened to all these years of enmity and hatred?Who do you think is right and who is wrong?

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