Live in caves and enjoy folk customs. Take a slow trip this Spring Festival

Cave interior.New Gansu · Daily Gansu network reporter Wang Ziyi Trainee reporter Wang Yuchen Wan Jimin about the sense of ritual holiday, do you really understand?Boil a pot of tea in a new-style cave home stay, enjoy the misty mountains of Xinglong and feel the unique flavor of the farmhouse, are you tempted?The architecture blends into the landscape.You can feel the collision between folk culture and modern science and technology at close range in huangheyi Cave Hostel, where you can unload the tension of fast-paced urban life. Are you sure you don’t want to experience such a leisurely and carefree slow life?In the warm winter sun, taste a cup of hot tea, is not a kind of enjoyment?Distance lanzhou 38 km Huang Heyi cave, a home stay facility, is located in the picturesque yuzhong county waves of street village, village something long and narrow, xinglong mountain in the west, north to lie down in a myth and legend of phoenix mountain, overlooking the xinglong yunfeng peak landscapes, unique geographical location, convenient transportation and attract people always come here to play.New drinking method of pot tea.Leisure, is the experience of the mind;Travel is the feeling of beauty.The beautiful leisure village has become a new “clock-in place” for leisure travel of urban and rural residents.Huangheyi Cave health care b&B takes xinxiang aesthetics as its appearance, Yellow River culture as its soul, combines tradition and modernity with multiple means and methods to create the connotation temperament of b&B, empowering b&B with “science and technology + health care”, and creating the “only one” of the popular online style.Take a slow trip with a few friends.

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