Snow zhongshan Road, village “Baymax” bike for villagers to collect nucleic acid, the back is too cool

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.Li Dejun has not been home for nearly two months since the outbreak in Xi ‘an, and his daughter, who has just turned four, has not seen her father for too long.The intense workload made him hardly have any free time. Every day, he led the medical staff of the hospital to shuttle between different villages, or up the mountain, or down the river.At the end of the day, there was almost no time for rest. I started from the health center early in the morning and could not return to town until evening. I took some quick food for lunch on the way.Because they had to complete all the sampling tasks that day and then send the samples to the city for testing.The baymax on the motorcycle in the video is Li Dejun, the medical director of Guanyinsi town.In spite of the cold, walking through the snow, taking nucleic acid samples for the people isolated at home in the high mountains.This figure let many netizens instantly break defense, straight call “moved to want to cry”.Everyone praised the handsome figure and called him “Baymax”, the most beautiful village Li.This video was accidentally shot by his colleague.On the day of filming, goddess of mercy temple town have a heavy snow, he and his colleagues to go to the mountain of the town, for a package donglu village Luo Jiawan group 2 home quarantine personnel for nucleic acid samples, the car came to half, snow road, cars can’t, can only rely on driving motor to move on, he rode for 40 minutes, probably arrived to sampling personnel’s home,It took about an hour and a half.”I did not expect that this matter would attract so much attention. Recently, there was a lot of rain and snow in Guanyin Temple, and the roads were frozen, so cars could not get to some places, but we had to complete the sampling task. At that time, I borrowed a motorcycle belonging to the surrounding farmers and rode it.”Li Dejun, 32 years old this year, is the director of the guanyinsi town health hospital in Liaoyang County. He has been working in the township health hospital for six years, and he is also a member of the Party for 11 years.Over the years, he has always been concerned about the mountainous area, serving the people and making contributions to the health and safety of the people in his area.Li Dejun told reporters that recently, guanyinsi town returned home more than 500 people, the town home quarantine more than 200 people, still increasing every day.The work of the town health center is to take nucleic acid samples from people under home quarantine and health monitoring in the area under their jurisdiction, and then send the samples to the city for testing at the end of each day.Guanyin Temple town high altitude, sunny open to traffic, the workload will be easier.However, in the rainy and snowy weather, many mountain roads, the car can not go, they have to walk until the completion of the sampling.The female comrade of health courtyard is more, general the personnel that occupy the home of high mountain separates, it is he is taking a few male comrade to head for personally.After the sampling, he saw that everyone had had a long day and wanted everyone to have a rest, so he undertook the task of sample transfer for many times.In this war of epidemic prevention and control, Li Dejun’s responsibility and responsibility is the epitome of all grassroots medical workers in Hanzhong.They are dedicated to their duties and demonstrate the lofty spirit of “respecting life and being willing to contribute” with concrete actions. Here, we also pay tribute to every medical worker who fights on the front line. You have worked hard.Chinese businessman all media reporter Wang Peimin editor Jiang Lei, Gu Lina

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