UK visa emergency!Expedited service for non-tourist visas will be suspended

The UK visa Centre had been left with a huge backlog of unprocessed visa applications due to the pandemic.Now that the UK has declared that it is almost back to normal, the visa centre is already working overtime to process applications.If you are in a hurry, there is also the option of expedited processing.But!Now that there has been a change in the UK’s expedited visa policy, the UK Visa Centre has released an important update!Due to the current situation in the world, UKVI intends to prioritize applications for the Ukrainian Family Program and suspend all new “expedited” and “super-expedited” applications for student, work and dependant visas.British students, workers and dependants have to wait longer.At present, there is only ordinary process, 3 weeks + visa results.The peak can be even longer.Ordinary visitor visas currently take an average of six weeks to produce results.If you have not registered for ielts, arrange to register as soon as possible. Don’t miss the deadline and allow enough time to apply for your visa.Students who have already scored ielts should first decide whether to match with the language class as soon as possible, submit the application, in order to get admission as soon as possible, pay the deposit, change CAS, and apply for visa as soon as possible.Students who have already decided to enroll in language classes should deposit their money as soon as possible, by the end of March at the latest.Meanwhile, prepare the visa materials and submit the visa as soon as the funds meet the requirements.Please prepare your visa application in advance and do not book the air ticket until you get the result of your visa application.From 2000 to 2016, the Ministry of Education has approved more than 500 legitimate overseas study agents…In 2017, the state canceled the approval process for overseas study agency qualifications…At present, there are more than 10,000 overseas study intermediary agencies in the market, such as “consulting companies”, “consulting agencies” and “consulting companies”.Which study abroad agent is good?How to find a reliable overseas study agent?Encounter intermediary run away, consultant quit, contract trap how to do?Can use abroad supervision network “agents qualification query by word of mouth” tools, study abroad supervision network not agents, as a monitoring platform, set up nearly 10 years, has the real service more than hundreds of students, accumulated hundreds of thousands of users evaluation about the study abroad intermediary, word of mouth is one of the important reference basis, students choose to study abroad intermediary to check!Special disclaimer: 1. This article is only used for information sharing, not for commercial purposes, not advertising;3. The data quoted in this paper are from the Internet and not fabricated by our intention. Please identify by yourself.If the above infringement, please contact us (4000-315-285), will be deleted immediately!Overseas university library free study abroad consultation application form (free recommendation of study abroad agencies/review study abroad programs/access to authoritative study abroad materials, etc.)

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