February new car inventory, fuel/plug-in/pure electric all have!

The so-called annual plan begins in spring. Even during the Spring Festival holiday, car companies do not close their doors and push forward their new car plans step by step.So, in the first month of the Lunar New Year, which blockbuster new cars will hit the domestic market?Today MAO will take you to understand first, want to open a new car in the New Year friends, do not miss!As the first model of Xingtu equipped with plug-in hybrid technology of “Xingtu Nuclear power ET-I All-engine Super hybrid”, Xingtu Chefeng ET-I has been opened for pre-sale in January, with a pre-sale price of 150-160,000 yuan.It is reported that star chase wind ET is expected to be officially listed in February.In terms of appearance, Star-Tuchaser ET-I still continues the design style of Star-Tuchaser, only some details have been adjusted, such as the et-I logo added at the rear of the car, the charging interface added on the left front wheel eyebrow, etc., to highlight the special identity of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.The et-I is 4533/1848/1699mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2670mm. It is positioned as a compact SUV.In terms of power, which attracts more attention, the STAR Tuchtrailing WIND ET-I will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine and an electric motor, matched with a 3-speed DHT hybrid transmission.Star road official said, star tuchaser wind et-i pure electric mileage can reach 105km, four-wheel drive model 100km time within 5 seconds, comprehensive mileage of more than 1000km, feed fuel consumption of 4.8l /100km.Compared with BYD’s DM-I and Great Wall’s lemon smart DHT, Star Road’s ET-I technology seems to be a bit late to catch up with the first batch of hybrid dividends.If it can surprise domestic consumers with its final pricing, tuchaser ET-I may indeed become a dark horse in the domestic plug-in SUV market.Changan second generation CS75 PLUSCS75 series has always been one of the sales of changan automobile.In 2019, CS75 PLUS was officially launched, and its sporty appearance and high cost performance have won the favor of many domestic consumers.According to MAO, the changan CS75 PLUS will be officially launched in February, with a presale price of 127,900 to 154,900 yuan.Although it is officially called “Changan second-generation CS75 PLUS”, it is actually a mid-stage modification of CS75 PLUS, not a “replacement model” in the traditional sense.From the appearance, the new car and the cash model did make a difference, a light belt through the front face, the area of the lower air intake grille has become larger, more domineer;The rear taillight group also kept up with the trend of The Times and became a penetrating design;The lower side of the four exhaust is still retained, but the size has also become more bulky.In terms of power, Chang ‘an second-generation CS75 PLUS still has two engines of 1.5T and 2.0T for consumers to choose, while Aisin 8AT gearbox is upgraded to complete system standard, which has both strong power and low fuel consumption.In terms of appearance, power and product positioning, the second generation CS75PLUS seems to have become more “mature”.Back in 2021, Changan launched new uni-T, UNI-K and UNI-V models aimed at the young consumer market.For those “generation Z” who pursue sports and individuation, Chang ‘an has launched UNI series for them.For those who pursue high cost performance, strong practicality of consumers, CS series is the best choice.In 2021, SAIC-Audi launched the brand’s first model — SAIC-Audi A7L, which achieved a breakthrough from “0” to “1”.In 2022, SAIC-Audi will launch the Q5 E-Tron and a new medium and large fuel SUV.As saic Audi’s first pure electric model, the Q5E-tron is expected to officially hit the market in February, with a pre-sale price of 400,000 to 520,000 yuan.Like id.4X, ID.6X and other models, Q5 E-tron is also built on MEB platform, so you can also see the shadow of both.Q5e-tron is built based on Audi Concept Shanghai. The family-style grille is not absent, but it is changed into a closed design. The two ends of the front enclosure are similar to audi E-tron.The body size of the new car is 4876/1860/1675mm, and the wheelbase is 2965mm, positioning medium and large pure electric SUV.The interior is also full of “Audi taste”.The 10.25-inch full LCD screen and 11.6-inch embedded center control screen are all audi designs.Below is a separate “function island”, integrated with the vehicle start button, electronic gear shift, multimedia space components and driving mode switch, etc., the overall shape is quite simple.For power, the Q5 E-TRON will offer 40 E-tron single-motor rear drive and 50 E-tron Quattro front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive models with maximum power of 150kW and 225kW respectively and CLTC range of 560km and 520km respectively.In the future, Q5 E-tron will face “familiar strangers” such as BMW iX3 and Mercedes-benz EQC.Whether from the exterior or interior, can obviously feel that “this is an Audi”, we do not have to feel strange to this.In addition, thanks to the MEB platform, it has a third row of seats, which many of its peers can only aspire to.However, because of the MEB platform, such a 500,000 level of medium and large pure electric SUV, the rear wheel should still use the drum brake.As for whether it will be accepted by consumers?We may as well wait and see.These blockbuster new cars, which will hit the market in February, cover pure fuel, hybrid and pure electric products.In addition to the above models, Maple 60S, Volvo XC40 RECHARGE P6 and other models are expected to hit the market in February.Want to carry a new car in February friends, can pay more attention to My wheels!

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