Quanzhou issued a notice to promote the installation of electric vehicle charging piles in residential areas

Yesterday, the reporter learns from quanzhou city live built bureau, to solve the difficulties in property management residential quarters electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction, property management association, its Chinese quanzhou quanzhou city power supply company recently issued notice, clear for parking Spaces in their own property or agreed by parking space property, lease term of more than one year fixed parking Spaces on the behavior of the construction of the charging infrastructure or requirements,The property service enterprise should agree in principle and give necessary support and cooperation.In terms of specific implementation, State Grid Quanzhou Power Supply Company will strengthen cooperation in grid planning, equipment transformation and other aspects, and directly sign a power supply and consumption contract with the charging pile owner. For one meter and one parking space, the owner will directly pay the charge for the charging pile to the power supply company.After receiving the application for self-use pile installation, the property service enterprise can guide the user to log in the “State Grid” APP to fill in the information or scan the code to register the application for power consumption and installation, and issue the certification materials;Before the self-used pile installation, and the electric car users, electric cars, electric car companies and the construction unit signed for pile installation pledge, clear the responsibilities, and to establish a community charging infrastructure installation record parameter, strengthen the daily patrol charging infrastructure surrounding environment, guide the owners configuration necessary emergency rescue equipment, equipment and materials for the facility.The charging facilities shall be managed by the owners themselves. If the owners entrust a third party to manage the charging facilities, the owners shall sign the “Safety Management Agreement” with the management unit.Quanzhou City Housing and Construction Bureau staff introduction, it is necessary to pay attention to the existing building underground, semi-underground and high-rise garage, without automatic fire alarm system, smoke exhaust facilities, automatic sprinkler system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs, shall not be equipped with decentralized charging facilities.For those who meet the above conditions, the property service enterprise cannot excuse or refuse the electric vehicle owners’ application for electricity connection for various reasons such as insufficient on-site power supply capacity. If it does not meet the installation conditions, it shall specify.If it is unclear whether the capacity of low-voltage power distribution facilities can meet the power connection requirements, contact the grid manager of the power supply company for on-site confirmation.The municipal Property Management Association will report the organization to the relevant competent authorities and give appropriate rewards to the supporting service and management enterprises that are active and effective.

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