Bay scored 31 points and Cunningham triple-double in Detroit’s comeback win over Cleveland

The Pistons beat the Cavaliers 115-105 in the NBA regular-season game on Thursday.The Cavaliers led through the first three quarters, and the Pistons used a 22-2 run in the fourth to complete the comeback at home and end a four-game losing streak.Sadiq Bay scored 31 points, Cunningham had 19 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and three steals, Frank Jackson had 19 points and Stewart had 14 points and 12 rebounds.For Cleveland, Garland had 24 points and seven assists, Mopley had 18 points, nine rebounds and three blocks, and Allen had 15 points and nine rebounds.The cavs opened the first quarter with okoro jumping inside for a 2-point layup, Allen hitting a high hook in the paint, and Wade chasing down a 3-pointer to give the Cavaliers a 9-0 start.After a timeout, the Pistons couldn’t score, Allen hit a series of shots inside, okoro was able to steal and dunk, and the Cavs went on a 15-0 run in four minutes.Bei Qiang made a 2-1 layup to break the scoring drought, and Frank Jackson added six straight points to stop the pistons’ 9-0 run. Love hit a series of shots to stop the bleeding, but Frank Jackson’s hot shot followed with two 3-pointers to give the Cavs a 29-24 lead at the end of the first quarter.In the second quarter, the Pistons continued to score, and Mobley responded with a turnaround jumper. Lyles attacked the paint for points, Rondo opened up a 3-pointer, and Allen hit a 2-1 inside power play for an 8-2 run to regain control.After a timeout, Diallo made a dunk and Bay made a 3-pointer. The Pistons kept the score and the Cavs kept their lead.Garland hit three straight 3-pointers from the outside, but Joseph responded with a shot and a pass, and Cunningham continued to be out of his game as Cleveland went 0 for 10 in the first half to lead the Pistons 55-49.Easy edge to fight again, Mr Thrown into three points, but wade can quickly respond to answer ball, Allen lane since the vote since rob again into 2 + 1 garland drift can also into three, knight finally lead to double digits, but continue to carry on offense,, even 5 points to help the piston bleeding outside shots, but wade still can maintain good feel is scored three points before a strong response,Cunningham killed inside layup for 2 + 1 finally get this mobile warfare score first points, piston foul rapidly accumulate full, cuttino mobley continuous strong inside play hit, cooperate with the garland perimeter, knight to lead to double digits, but also to have attack inside 9 points to help the piston continues to ankylosis score, three end, knight four points ahead 88-84 and the piston.In the final quarter, Lyles threw a series of long-range shots to chase the points, but Osman also caused three free throws and then threw three strong response, both hit rate decreased, Okoro bottom corner three grasp after the Cavaliers lead nine points to regain the initiative.Suspended back, knight suddenly attack power, Stewart the basket strong continuous timely hemostasia, Cunningham and finally find the feel, even 5 points outside shots, the piston of a wave of 13-0 attack directly take, cuttino mobley exalted skyer layup finally stop bleeding, Stewart straight into the basket also will also be able to respond, Cunningham stepping into again three, piston to 9 points,The Cavs couldn’t take any chances, and Stewart made a second shot to essentially kill the game before the Pistons turned the cavs around.Pistons: Cunningham, Joseph, Diallo, Bay, Stewart Cavaliers: Garland, Okoro, Wade, Mabley, Allen

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