Shanghai pushes forward standardized management of fire safety in medical institutions: ‘Everyone should know their fire safety responsibilities’

Hospitals are equipped with a large number of medical equipment using fire and electricity, as well as oxygen supply facilities and special medicines needed by a large number of patients. A large number of patients, including some bedridden patients with limited mobility, are often difficult to escape once a fire breaks out.How can we carry out effective fire safety management in hospitals?On February 25th, Shanghai Fire rescue Corps and Shanghai Municipal Health Commission jointly held the on-site meeting on standardized fire safety management of medical institutions in The city in Hongqiao District of Huashan Hospital to deepen the standardized fire safety management of medical facilities in the city.On February 25th afternoon to promote fire safety of fine management, city fire rescue team, city WeiJianWei, shen-kang center, the city’s third rate, the relevant person in charge of the hospital and other attendees field view the huashan hospital hongqiao campus each key parts of fire safety management system implementation, fire control room operations, the content such as micro fire station construction,And watched the medical institutions fire safety standardization management into the fruit.Huashan Hospital has exchanged experience on “reshaping fire safety management structure, preventing and controlling key risks, promoting fine management, enriching publicity and education, and optimizing emergency response mechanism”.For everybody’s most care ward, operating room, drug storehouse, such as oxygen chamber to the situation of the management of fire risk level, city fire rescue team fire protection supervision department, deputy director of the MiaoPengFei, said the hospital in under the guidance of the fire department fire safety management of the new exploration, one by one, combed the fire key position, fire point, significant impact area, the secondary disasters,Hierarchical classification formulated the corresponding fire control safety management measures, from the administrative management, technical maintenance, emergency disposal of three dimensions, the fire safety management refinement into their daily operation management, clear fire administrative duties in respect of each department, post and personnel, perfect rules and regulations, strict assessment, rewards and punishments to ensure fire safety responsibility the ground work.In addition to the management of “high risk” locations, evacuation is another focus of concern for hospitals with large numbers of patients.Hongqiao Hospital district of Huashan Hospital security department staff said, although the hospital will regularly carry out all kinds of fire escape drill, but in the actual process of operation found that this kind of drill is very difficult to really simulate the real scene of patients escape, such as how fast patients escape in the end?How many auxiliary personnel do wheelchair and bedridden patients need to escape?Therefore, under the guidance of the Fire rescue detachment of Minhang District, the hospital found a professional institution to calculate repeatedly with the help of computer simulation, hoping to obtain the evacuation situation of patients closest to the real fire situation.The hospital provided a group of dynamic training videos, and these simulators were very realistic, including not only bedridden patients, but also “elderly people in wheelchairs” and “parents with children in arms”, basically covering all kinds of people coming to the hospital for medical treatment.”Our normal walking speed is 1.25 m/s for men and 1.19 m/s for women.”A staff member said the patients’ walking speed was much slower and was set to 0.8 m/s and 0.6 m/s, respectively, through computer simulations.Soon, the simulation data came out.According to the feedback, the fire control center of the hospital had a more accurate understanding of the entire evacuation scene. It not only added corresponding ground evacuation indication signs, but also dispatched additional security personnel on duty at several key points of evacuation.In carrying out total hospital officials said the fire safety training at the same time, they also made clear each post fire control work of the task, clear responsibility, efforts to build “full participation, full control, full sharing of fire safety management system, and asked the doctor, nurses, health care workers, cleaners, everyone for his own fire safety responsibility accomplish know fairly well.Li Weimin, chief of the municipal fire and rescue corps, said that each district fire and rescue detachment should establish a linkage working mechanism with the health department, carry out a comprehensive revision of the fire fighting and emergency rescue plan together with the hospital, and deeply guide the hospital to carry out the work of standard establishment and acceptance.Xu Huili, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, required all hospitals to fulfill their main responsibilities, comprehensively promote the standardization of fire safety management in medical institutions to establish standards, accelerate the formation of long-term fire safety management mode in line with the actual situation of the unit, and create a good fire safety medical environment for the public.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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