The effect is amazing!Unpack HotToys avengers 4 fat version thor 1:6 action figure

This is a long overdue article…I received this HotToys avengers 4 fat thor back in November, but never got it out of the box.Let me make up the balance of the time even forgot to buy it…(That deposit, after all, was in the distant year of 2019.) Now you can finally overcome procrastination and simply open your box.It is still the regular HotToys packaging size, continuing the packaging design style of multiple link dolls, the outside is the style photo of the prototype Chris Hemsworth, you will not see the shape of the model from the packaging.About 32cm tall, Thor is very heavy to hold in the hand. The head carving is commendable, both the facial features and the eyes depict the resolute manner.Wearing a red cape, our hero is not too fat from the back.But from the side…I can see why they call them fat nerds. Look at that belly.Braid of twist flower and beard are distinct, no matter far look or close look very meticulous, it is regrettable to do not have elegant feel only.It even activates portrait mode when you take a picture of Thor with your phone.The upper body of the suit is a black imitation fish scale close-fitting suit, and the lower body is trousers and boots.The six round black metal shields can also be removed and replaced with lightning components with special paint.There’s just a couple of black pieces that took a lot of work to dismantle.But my favorite weapons are these two: the Storm tomahawk and Thor’s Hammer.The details are very good, although it is made of plastic material, but the metal sense is very strong, and the old effect also adds some sense of reality.Lit and unlit are two different worlds.Although have already had the psychological preparation, but shine that moment, still have been surprised to!!The blue light in the dark is amazing.It even makes me think these two weapons are the real nature of the doll.This feeling can only be felt by looking at the real thing.With a weapon, thor is still pretty handsome, but the mobility of the doll is just so-so.Lightning weapons are even cooler.It is everyone’s duty to protect animals.I know you’re all trying to rob the red reindeer…This gives the lego player an idea of how big he is.Stand in the locker, next to the Lego Version of thor fathouse.Which do you prefer?The unpacking is complete.Overall, I’m happy with the Thor, but it varies from person to person.I usually don’t play, mostly static display, if you often like to play hands-on may have a different feeling.Welcome to the discussion.Besides, I was reminded to pay the balance again just now. What will it be next time?

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