The “invisible chain of contempt” of the resume of girls in vocational schools has been hotly searched, exposing the cruelty of reality

College entrance examination plays a very important role in many of our minds. Many of us think college entrance examination is very important to our life.Many people think that the schools we are admitted to after the college entrance examination are very important for our life, while others say that the degree does not represent our ability.But in our life, there often appears the problem of academic contempt, when entering the job search, a lot of time value academic background.Since childhood we have been around the elders have been taught, they told us to study hard when we grow up must be a good university.They tell us that only after we enter a good university can we not be laughed at by others.The college entrance examination is fair to all of us. Some people enter famous universities through the college entrance examination, while others can only go to vocational schools or junior colleges.Maybe we have a question, college or vocational school graduates can find a good job?We all know that nowadays the phenomenon of college students becoming cabbage is very serious, so those with low education background will not be laughed at in the society.Maybe we’re all full of questions about this, but let’s take a look at the actual experience of a girl.Every year to the graduation season is also the most busy time for college students, this time they take the resume to rush around, is hoping to let themselves find a satisfactory job.At this time, most young people will submit their resumes to major enterprises in the hope that their years of learning will be tested by the society, but they will also encounter a lot of unhappy things.For most of us are ordinary people, only a few people in a class can be admitted to famous universities during the college entrance examination every year.At that time, most students can only enter ordinary colleges and universities, and some students with poor academic performance can only enter professional schools.When I went to college to find a job, I found how cruel the society was. It was hard to find a job with a low education background.Recently, we read a woman’s post on the Internet. The post was about her unsuccessful attempt to find a job.And her resume is also in the post. She competed with a 211 university student, and the company chose that candidate.Although she said the applicant had a good school, her resume was not as good as hers, so she felt very aggrieved.Seeing such news, many of us should not be convinced, but many people saw the girl’s resume after seeing more is the voice of ridicule.We all say that this girl is too arrogant. Let’s take a look at her resume. She has a wealth of awards and scholarships, but in the society, college students who work hard can get these, which is not worth showing off.The student’s resume is still relatively excellent among ordinary students, but there is no way to compare with those famous university students.There are so many excellent people in our society that this girl’s resume is nothing compared to them.The post attracted a lot of attention online and became a top search.In the society, the invisible chain of contempt for education always exists, and the unfair treatment we encounter when looking for a job always reminds us.It is this social contempt chain also hurt the hearts of many students, which makes more and more students are increasingly aware that a low degree in the society can not find a satisfactory job, not to stand firm.Diploma is not the most important, but diploma can help us develop better in our real life, we can not deny that there are many successful people who are not highly educated, and even have strong earning ability.This time the likelihood some person said this is this to represent record of formal schooling is not important?Facts tell us that this is not the case, although education is not the most important, but the impact of education on us is very big.No matter in work or in life, education is the first consideration. Education is considered in job competition and even when getting married.Academic degree in our life can not determine our life but can help us develop better.It is for this reason that our parents always teach us to study hard when we are growing up.Conclusion: There are many things in our life are not as smooth as we imagined, sometimes we want to study hard to get an excellent degree.But if we can’t get a good degree, don’t lose heart in life.We can not change the degree, but we can improve our ability through continuous learning, which is also the way to success.

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