The latest!It is expected that the high-speed flood shooting section of Suidao will be completed in June to July

Blockbuster!Blockbuster!Great progress has been made in the high speed flood section!The project is 83.032 kilometers long, mainly passing through Deyang city, Mianyang City and Suining City, of which suining section is 26.507 kilometers (Shehong section is 23.615 kilometers, TJ-5 is 9.59 kilometers, TJ-6 is 14.025 kilometers).The total investment for shehong section of Sui-De Expressway project is 2.882 billion yuan.In 2022, the total investment is expected to reach 720 million yuan, up 13.21% to 95.13 million yuan from January to February, and the total investment is 1.914 billion yuan.(hence the country’s rapid flood period of schematic) recently, the reporter shot hong DE highway in a tunnel section of the site of the project to see, drivers, bulldozers, rollers, such as car waste residue was nervous homework, presents a busy scene construction everywhere, pavement construction place, builders rising labor enthusiasm, constitute a “tiger” full-on, strive for the New Year “good start” warm scene.During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, key projects along the tJ-5 section of Sui-Germany Expressway did not stop, and a total of more than 110 builders stuck to their posts.From January to February, 110,000 square meters of roadbed excavation for shehong section of Sui-Germany Expressway construction was completed.380,000 square meters of roadbed and 15,168 meters of road base were completed.In shehong section, 6.947 million square meters of roadbed excavation has been completed, 97.4% of which has been completed.Roadbed filling: 7.2994 million square meters, 99.8% completed;The bridge pile foundation and pier column are all completed.Soft foundation treatment is complete;Completion of the Shuai Ka Wan Tunnel;Beam erection has been completed;36.1 percent of the pavement subbase was completed;Tuopai interchange completed 99% of the civil construction.Feng Zaijun, project manager of The Sui-De Expressway project of China Railway 23rd Engineering Bureau, told reporters: “The civil construction of bid 6 has been completed by the end of December 2021.By the end of March this year, we plan to complete the completion of the whole line of the High-speed flood section of Suicidao, and successfully complete the annual planned tasks.”99.2 percent of civil works in the shhong West (Wanlin) project have been completed.66.4% of the overall image progress has been completed.All the key and difficult projects and progress nodes were advanced in an orderly manner, and the total output value of the project was 1,268,279,600 yuan.”In percentage terms, we have reached 25 percent of the project,” said Ma Zhenghua, manager of the L-M2 project department of Suide High Speed. “The whole section of Suide high speed is expected to be connected to the main line in June or July.”By February 18, 2022, 99 percent of roadbed earthwork, 97.8 percent of Bridges, 99 percent of tunnels and 18.8 percent of pavement had been completed.Sui De expressway will be more convenient for everyone to travel quickly look forward to it together!Source: Micro-broadcast Shehong Editor: Zhang Jiwen Guo LAN Editor: Ran Qixiang Final review: Li Jianrong

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