Daqing Saertu District (High-tech Zone) announcement on the urgent search for close contacts of close contacts

On February 19, 2022, 11:30, sartu district center for disease control and prevention from field investigation letter, inform chengmai county of hainan province with an asymptomatic infection 2 by close contacts in the high-tech zone, after receiving the investigation letter, sartu CDC immediately carry out epidemiological investigation and disposal, have concentrated isolation and medical observation in accordance with requirementsRelevant epidemic prevention and control measures were implemented, and nucleic acid test results were all negative.Both have completed novel Coronavirus booster shots and full course of vaccination.We’re urgently looking for anyone with the same activity as below.The activity track is as follows: Close contact: on February 16, 21:40-21:55, bai Jie fried string shop near Lenovo Science and Technology City in high-tech Zone;February 17 11:38-12:38 in Xincun Jing Qi Street Xianhe Zhuang Hot pot Restaurant, 19:32-19:52 in The High-tech Zone legend Technology City near rice bibimbab;From 11:55 to 12:40 on February 18, we will have dinner at Room 103 of Moshi Food Counter on the third floor of Wanda Xincun. From 21:33 to 21:55, we will have dinner at Bai Jie Fried String Shop near Lenovo Science and Technology City in high-tech Zone.Close contact 2: From 19:30 to 19:45 on February 16, I took a taxi from Daqing East Railway Station to Xinjiang Fried rice Noodle shop near Lenovo Science and Technology City with three friends. I paid in cash and wore masks all the way. Now I am looking for a taxi driver.From 17:00 to 17:31 on February 17, I wore masks in hualian Supermarket in Galaxy Sun City community.20:00-20:53 in Le Jia Convenience Store, Galaxy Sun City Community.Please report to your community (village), work unit or CDC immediately if you have crossed or overlapped with the above travel tracks at the same time.The public is urged to pay close attention to official information, maintain protection awareness at all times, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate regularly, get vaccinated against COVID-19, and maintain social distancing.In case of fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms, go to the nearest fever clinic or sentinel fever clinic in a timely manner, avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment, and proactively inform you of your activity and contact history within 14 days.In case of concealment and serious consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law.Contact number of Daqing County CDC: 0459-6279221, Saertu District CDC: 0459-6352591, Longfeng CDC: 0459-2767159, Honggang CDC: 0459-2799135, Datong CDC:Zhao Zhou CDC: 0459-8520511 Cause of disease control: 0459-8232328 Lindian DISEASE control: 0459-3322473 Dumont disease control: 0459-3410143

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