What majors do international students choose most?

Choose a school to enter oneself for an examination major is still the problem that the personnel and parents of quasi study abroad take seriously, so, study abroad in the United States to learn what major is the most popular?The British Institute of International Education research has also done statistical analysis, follow Teacher Yuan to have a look!According to the results report, STEM remains the most popular major for international students studying in the United States in 2020-2021.Engineering remained, but enrollment fell again from the previous year, down 13.6% to 190,590.Although the number of students choosing engineering has decreased somewhat, it still accounts for 20.9 percent of the total.Mathematical thinking and computer science fell 11.3 percent to remain in second place at 19.9 percent.Business, despite being the most popular major among international students, saw a 16.5 percent drop to 145,658, or 15.9 percent, over the same period.At the same time, these three technical majors are also the technical majors studied by Chinese students.The TOP10 technical majors favored by international students are:① Engineering ② Math and Computer Science ③ Business and Management ④ Social Science ⑤Physical and Life Science and Fine and Applied Arts ⑦ Health ProfessionsNaturally, although development prospects are closely related to how to choose a major, it is still recommended that students make plans for postgraduate study in China,Combine college rankings, personal hobbies and other considerations, choose the most suitable college for their own!A lot of study abroad information, warmly welcome to click on the information to learn more

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