Huludao, Liaoning province, reported a new local confirmed case: he drove to Qinhuangdao

On February 8, 2022, liaoning huludao city suizhong county find one will be coronavirus wang mou a confirmed cases, to effectively control the disease spread risks, now its trajectory announcement since January 22, action is as follows: January 22 solstice 28, in which rock township nest ridge village, during which many times to play poker, wang mei home village the rest of the time without going out.On January 29, I went to Zhongwang Department Store and Xiaojia Market to buy clothes and trousers and took a taxi to Minsheng Hospital for nucleic acid test.January 30, 17 o ‘clock self-drive from Suizhong, 19 o ‘clock 30 to Qinhuangdao Xiao Liu hair shop to meet sister Wang Mou Yue off work;20 returned from Qinhuangdao, with 3 people (another one is Wang Yue classmate Zhang mou);22 with his mother Ma Ling, nephew Wang Yuan a line of 4 people back to add stone township, on the way to eat fried string in Gaodianzi township.January 31, in the stone village village of Stone village village village village in the New Year did not go out.February 1, nephew Wang mou yuan to visit home, 18 o ‘clock to add biyan township Wang Jidian village Dawei general store shopping.At 9:37 on February 2nd, I went shopping in Dawei General Store.At 10:36, I went shopping at Ruicheng grocery store in Wangjiadian Village.At 15:03 on February 3rd, I went to the women’s clothing shop opposite the elevator on the second floor of Zhongwang to buy clothes.At 15:14, I went to Qidu International shop on the first floor of Zhongwang to buy jewelry.At 15:51 eat rice noodles in Xiangyuan Bridge opposite Zhongwang;At 15:58, I went to Chengxin Pharmacy opposite Zhongwang to buy masks.17:12 to the near Zhongwang Mingxin tea industry.At 11:00 on February 4th, he went to zhongwang parking lot and then went to a nearby dry cleaner to wash clothes.At 12:04, I went to Tung Ho Tang opposite Zhongwang to buy medicine.At 12:31, Chinese mandarin drinks will be served;At 14:39, we arrived at yangbo Supermarket near the health school.On February 5th, at 8:08, it will arrive at the south gate direct fresh (former Jiahui Supermarket);9:30, send netizen Wang Mou huan to wasteland village;12:21 to the south gate direct fresh;At 12:29, he bought jianbing near the south gate;16:27 to Majiqiao China Petroleum;At 16:30 go to badlands village to pick up the net friend, and send the net friend to the Gold Star hotel.On February 6th, at 7:00, I sent my parents to yulong Court to work.10 o ‘clock to Qinhuangdao Xiao Liu hair salon;12 o ‘clock to suizhong Town zhongwang underground garage;Eat panmian near Zhongwang at 12:22.On February 7, went to hanjiacun clinic for transfusion at 7:00;At 10:20, she went shopping in Yangbo Supermarket near the clinic.At 13:16, he went to the store opposite the Minsheng Hospital to buy water, and then went to the Minsheng Hospital to collect nucleic acid.At 19:22, he arrived at the clinic of Hanjiacun.The nucleic acid test of Minsheng Hospital was positive at 21:45 on February 7, the nucleic acid test of County hospital was positive at 2:45 on February 8, and the nucleic acid test of Huludao Center for Disease Control and Prevention was positive at 5:30 on February 8.Please report to your village (community), unit and CDC in time and cooperate with relevant quarantine and control measures.In case of concealment and serious consequences, the party shall be investigated for responsibility according to law.Suizhong County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office tel: 0429 — 6686620 Suizhong County CDC Tel: 0429 — 6121443

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