Qian Shuying, The Chinese people’s artist, wishes the whole country a happy New Year

Celebrity profile: Qian Shuying, word yi Nan, no. Li Xue, don’t department si Yi Bookstore.He was born in xuyi, Jiangsu province in 1940.He graduated from Yangzhou Normal University (now Yangzhou University).He is a member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association, a member of Chinese Couplet Society, and a director of Chinese Calligrapher’s and Painter’s Association.Honorary president of Huai ‘an Women’s Calligraphy Research Association, vice president of Huai ‘an Elderly Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, consultant of Huai ‘an Youth Calligrapher association and Qingjiang Pu District Calligrapher Association;Vice president of Cheung Kong College.His works have been exhibited and won prizes in national and provincial exhibitions for many times.She was also named outstanding female calligrapher by Jiangsu Shuxie.He has held solo exhibitions in Huai ‘an city, Shuyang County, Huaiyin District and other places, and participated in “Ten people in Northern Jiangsu Painting and Calligraphy Joint Exhibition” and other exhibitions in Yangzhou.His works are also engraved in stone corridor, temples and other scenic spots.

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