The old street dropped below 2,000 twice a day, and Vietnam’s total number of confirmed cases exceeded 9.92 million

Today (5 April 2022), Vietnam’s Ministry of Health announced 54,995 new confirmed cases.It was the 10th time that the number of confirmed cases in Vietnam fell below 100,000 in a single day after 24 days of more than 100,000 (not counting the provisional supplement of unreported cases by provinces).The capital, Hanoi, today topped the list for the 108th consecutive day.Vietnam has surpassed 9.92 million for the first time with 9,920,240 confirmed cases.Vietnam’s Ministry of Health today announced 39 new COVID-19 deaths, bringing the total to 42,681.Vietnam’s Lao CAI province reported 1,766 new confirmed cases in a single day today, the second time it has dropped below 2,000 after 33 times in the past month and a half, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the province to 162,432.Hanoi recorded 5,199 daily new cases on Monday, marking the 46th consecutive day that the number of daily new cases exceeded 4,000. It is the 10th time that the number of daily new cases in Hanoi has exceeded 10,000 for 30 times in over a month.Of the 54,995 confirmed cases today, none have been imported and the remaining 54,995 have been confirmed in local communities.They were in Heinei (5199 cases), Ba Yi (2925 cases), Fu Shou (2827 cases), Beijiang (2357 cases), Anpei (2280 cases), Hejiang (2024 cases), Beigan (1990 cases), Guangning (1972 cases), Duole (1901), Yongfu (1824 cases) and Laojie (176 cases)Six), Quang Ngai (1,504), Hing An (1,398), Xuan Quang (1,249), Hai Yang (1,248), Koh Binh (1,233), Ho Chi Minh City (1,158), Taiping (1,152), Quang Binh (1,113), Taiyuan (963), Sining (940), Lam Tong (930)), Sanlo (925), Lang Son (876), Binh Ping (832), Vinh Lung (764), Bac Ninh (731), Bon Ou (726), Quang Tri (665), Laizhou (662), Ha Tinh (633), Henan (596), Binh Dinh (589), Da Nang (586)), Dien Bien (552 cases), Thanong Nong (516 cases), Binh Binh Duong (514 cases), Ninh Binh Binh (496 cases), Nam Dinh (467 cases), Binh Phook (451 cases), Phu An (393 cases), Bati Toutun (347 cases), Haiphong (332 cases), Thanh Hoa (322 cases), Thun Thun Hue (317 cases) and Cha Yong(280 cases), city and province (273 cases), quang nam (269 cases), smooth province (232 cases), penang known (145 cases), an giang province liao (94 cases), thin (94 cases), from dong thap province (77 cases), the province (70 cases), 菎 artemisia province (51 cases), jian jiang (44 cases), can tho city (43 cases), with nai province (38 cases), the betterThun province (17 cases), Hougang province (13 cases) and En Giang Province (10 cases) have been confirmed.Vietnam’s Ministry of Health today announced 39 new COVID-19 deaths, bringing the total to 42,681.Today the addition of new coronary deaths specific as follows: le province, 5 cases of penang province: 4 cases of lang son province: 4 cases of thin liaoning province: 3 cases of jia lai province: 3 cases of Yi Ontario: 3 cases of smooth province: 2 cases of rich life of province: 2 cases of quang nam province: 2 cases of taiyuan province, 2 cases of binh duong province: 1 case from dong thap province: 1 case of Hanoi: 1 case of tinh province: 1 case of jian jiang province:1 case in Lintong Province: 1 case in Ningping Province: 1 case in Guangning Province: 1 case in Shuozhuang Province: 1 case (the picture is taken from the Internet) Please pay attention to the toutiao APP and collect the toutiao number “Shuoyue Quanzhuan”. More highlights will be pushed to you continuously. Welcome to pay attention and forward.For information about Vietnam, please pay attention to the wechat public account “Say Yue Hot” or “Vietnam Investment network”.Please pay attention to xiaobian douyin number “Vietnam Reference” or wechat video number “Vietnam Reference”, xiaobian has been launching videos with Vietnamese characteristics, I believe that it will be helpful to you who care about Vietnam affairs.

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