Ten people added friends after a misunderstanding in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Han, who runs a training agency, said his staff got into a fight with two strangers on January 26, who continued to harass them.He wants this to go away as soon as possible.Mr. Han provided a surveillance video from inside the facility. No one was in the picture, but someone could be heard arguing.Video provided by Mr. Han: I did not say you, I said smoking people (you are sick) you are sick, I told you (you just looked at me) I did not look at you.Mr Han:Our clerk first came in, tell me someone smoking in the corridor, the whole building is non-smoking, opened the door she said who smoke in the corridor, can consider others, can a little quality, is two people, standing at the other end of the corridor, the corner of the place where they heard, said they thought they, they are cursed,All of a sudden they get all worked up (are they smoking?)Mr. Han said the two men may have misunderstood what the clerk said.After a verbal confrontation, the employee called the police and the other left.He thought that was the end of it.Mr Han: and then starting on the second day, in the public comments on the find me, add me, asked me if I had all sorts of qualifications, I listen to this doesn’t sound like a normal consulting, and then I ask, is the first day of two people, and then they start WeChat add me, added I probably have a total of 10 (WeChat plus why) you scold me, tell me the things on.Han showed his wechat account to a reporter. Nine people asked to be added as friends, and he agreed to all of them. Judging from the chat logs, it seemed to be the same person, some of the messages were sarcastic and some were not very friendly.During the interview, Mr. Han’s mobile phone kept calling, he said the platform reminded him to reply to customers.Mr Han: go to public comments, pretend to be the guest to consulting me, send me all kinds of information, to write a bad review, the rule is if others consulting you, you don’t reply, your response rates will reduce, will affect your score, that I do not return, my recovery rate is very low, they are more satisfied, I don’t have the means, especially the bad review, there is a bad review is very troublesome.Han said he found that the other party had four accounts, often sending messages and making bad comments, which he deleted after contacting the platform.The platform says it has blocked 12 illegal negative reviews.Mr Han:What he gives you the kind of feeling, I don’t want you to have a good New Year’s day, I think they actually this kind of behavior is a bit poor, you don’t have to really is, you say apology, I also give you apologize, I still hold your hand to apologize to you, our colleagues constantly give you an apology, not the day after you write reviews, is on the same day will give you an apology, he himself was a misunderstanding, right.Han did not have the contact information of the other party, and no one answered the voice calls he made to several wechat accounts.He wants this to go away as soon as possible.

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