Will the house be “gold price” or “green price” in 5 years?2022 market, has been said very thoroughly

Chinese people are really interested in buying a house.People are eager to buy houses, not only because they want to live in houses with better living experience, but also because they want to get a valuable income with their houses.The real estate market golden period, all over the investment customers wantonly buy a house.During this period, the income earned by buying a house is even higher than the average adult’s income for years.But now, more and more people are beginning to think that not buying a house is the best investment plan.The biggest reason for the golden development period of the domestic real estate market is that the market demand is too large.In a long period of time, the houses people live in will have a great impact on their lives.Living in a better house can not only enjoy better life services, but also serve as an “investment financial product”. For decades, with the continuous rise of housing prices, the demand of home buyers has been increasing, and the price of real estate itself has risen at an alarming rate.In this way, people with wealth are willing to take the initiative to buy new properties for reserve and convert their capital into real estate.For decades, some were among the first to rise into the middle class everywhere, thanks to rising property prices.Individuals who have risen into the middle class on the back of rising housing prices have subsequently bought new homes to boost their earnings.Such behavior, to a certain extent, further aggravates the adverse development of China’s real estate market, resulting in real demand to buy a house of ordinary people to buy difficult.Rising housing prices have made it harder for a growing number of young people with monthly salaries to save for the down payment needed to buy a home.It seems that property prices are rising, and people who own houses everywhere can achieve their goal of “lying down” to earn wealth.But in the long run, the few consumers in the market who really need to buy are losing their enthusiasm for buying because of rising property prices.Rising property prices are starting to discredit a large number of needy consumers.Just need consumer to the real estate market, is undoubtedly a very important group.As property prices continue to rise, it is still the first-time buyers who end up paying the bill.And they are no longer keen to buy property, which will lead to rising property prices and reduced actual demand.After the government realized the problem, it began to gradually control the real estate situation, and took the initiative to control the real estate market in the form of three red lines.By July 2021, 70 percent of new and second-hand houses in Cities in China showed a downward trend in price.In addition, around the new home market and second-hand housing market, the demand has been improved, the enthusiasm of the people to buy a house was ignited again.With the housing market showing signs of life again, many are asking whether to take advantage of the opportunity to fish for bargains and beat the rising tide in prices.In fact, there is something obviously wrong with this idea.The current recovery of China’s real estate market is mainly due to excellent regulation and control policies.If there is a need to buy their own requirements, the purchase of real estate will not have too many problems.But if there is no demand, simply considering property as an investment will not actually reap much wealth again.At present, the number of real estate in China’s third and fourth tier cities has been seriously surplus, while the number of overstocked real estate in the first and second tier cities is staggering. Therefore, it is not ideal to invest heavily in the real estate market at present.

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