Ruerte sanitary ware application peace bird, to create enterprise high-quality talent foundation

As sanitary ware enterprises, the company listed in the a-share market, was set up 23 years since the product as the first element of enterprise development, and the user experience as the first principle, with good technology and products, all global sales channels, the high quality service to become the field leader, products are exported to South America, southeast Asia, more than eighty countries and regions such as North America, Europe,Become a trusted bathroom brand by hundreds of millions of users.Riel, in order to “create a healthy and comfortable life, care for and water” for the mission, adhering to the “credibility, quality, achievement customer value creation, innovation improvement, efficient synergy” core values, with fine, fine, lean, delicate work idea, is committed to become the world’s leading space that defend bath and household water system solutions provider, is focused on the consumers’ mind,Customer value creation, exceed customer expectations.In order to accelerate to achieve these goals, riel formulated the talent development strategy, and introduce wisdom city’s – peace bird is known by the “consulting + platform + + operation” one-stop service in various lines of business to carry out extensive and in-depth training, covering research and development design, production, quality control, sales and after-sales service, such as key link,Construct a sustainable digital talent training system.Reelter’s teams are all over the country, and it is expensive and difficult to assess the effectiveness of offline training or teaching alone.Therefore, Reiter chose pingan Zhibird’s intelligent training partner, aerial classroom, intelligent marking and director of the function of pushing lessons.Riel, first set up the enterprise exclusive studio classroom “, support flexible combination switch video, voice, images and other forms, there are also many interactive features, the staff are on hand to watch and download courseware, at any time for group discussion, but also to “hand” to ask questions, along with the teacher can also release testing, and other functions, greatly improve the viscosity of learning and enthusiasm.While carrying out live broadcast, managers can obtain live broadcast data in real time to optimize the live broadcast process management based on results.In addition, in terms of stability, “Classroom in the air” supports up to one million employees to participate in training, which greatly improves the stability of live broadcast.Intelligent sparring can simulate real sales or service scenes, allowing students to choose their favorite intelligent sparring roles for 1V1 immersive verbal sparring.Just like communicating with real customers, the ability to see facial expressions, feel the atmosphere of dialogue, accurately recognize semantics and support dialect training can effectively improve the business level.”We’ve done a lot of training and we’ve accumulated a lot of lessons or experience, and we want to sink that down and put it to good use.”The aforementioned person in charge said that Ping An Zhibird supports intelligent classes, and also well meets The needs of Reiter’s organizational experience precipitation.In addition, in order to make the training more targeted, Reillt also adopts the supervisor to recommend the course, which can effectively improve the training efficiency.”The pursuit of quality into the product soul, adhere to the exquisite technology and strict standards higher than the national standard, casting every good products, so that the products and services present excellent quality, and talent is the effective support of this pursuit.”, said the head of his will with talent as the precursor, providing quality products and services, to consolidate and strengthen the company in the field of technology, production, market and other core competitive advantages, and continuously expand the market share of the world, strive for the company to develop into a leading global water-saving sanitary ware products and intelligent bathroom products provider.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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