When it comes to naming your dog, you have no problem being a social person

These days, dog names are hilarious, because you never know what a funny dog dog name is.The following name selection method, shocked me.1, with the characteristics of the 1960s, usually named after the dog dog color.For example, little yellow, little black, little white.In the 1970s, people named their dogs “superstitions” because they thought it would be easier to feed a dog with a cheap name.Two dog, iron egg, dog leftover, dog egg.People in the 1980s were more likely to believe in moral meaning and good luck.Fortune, Fortune, silver, because they believe that dogs come to fortune.In the 1990s, due to the impact of fashion and culture, people’s names will be very international. For example, Jessica, Maria, Oscar, Harry, Banana, Lily are very western.And arrived 00 generation, the temperament of funny person came immediately with respect to dillydallying ground, emerald green flower, 2 silly, Li meili, Ultraman, beautiful girl, noble lady, funny originality emerges in endlessly.2. Be characterized by what you want. Everyone wants something in their mind, and they have a fantasy because they can’t get it.But when you have a dog, this attachment is unconsciously transferred to the dog, through this attachment to the dog name.For example, Ferrari, Porsche, five million, rich, rich, no problem to the rich fantasy ~~3, dog characteristics name method some pet owners to the dog name is very simple to understand, according to the characteristics of the dog name, such as it is very naughty, is pipi, it likes jumping, is jumping.In most families, the dog’s name is usually related, such as the big dog is clever, so the dog is stupid.One smart, one dumb, funny and lively.5, food name method some shovel excrement officer because of their own is a foodie’s sake, therefore greedy mind will also fall on the dog’s name, such as longan, peanuts, mushrooms, Oreo, meat, biscuits and so on, looks lovely and lovely.And because the name is food, the dog seems to be particularly greedy, all day long will wrap around the shovel excrement officer to delicious, usually snacks are the most, see snacks on the two eyes.For snacks, see the blue text below.6, Suddenly the idea of many times, for the dog name idea is suddenly like it.You see something and you name it after it, so a lot of names can sometimes seem pretty weird.For example, watching a TV play, feel that the role is good, will use the role to name, fast and convenient, mainly in line with their own mind.There are many different ways to name dogs, but all of them reflect the fact that dogs are becoming more and more present in our lives, and changing as we go about our lives.Changes in our lifestyle have given us a lot of perspective on dogs.Because of the importance of the dog, they want to give them a name, so that the dog will be more and more friendly with people.What’s more, dogs will be happy to have their own names, proving that their owners take them seriously.Of course, pay attention to the dog is not only in the name, but also in life and dog is closely related to things, breeding should also pay attention to oh.After all, breeding is the focus of life, only when the dog diet happy and healthy, life will be more moist, so as not to live up to the owner of the dog’s pet.If you want to keep your dog healthy, you need a good dog food.If you don’t know how to choose dog food, you can read the blue article below.Stamp stamp: “dog food is high quality, the key to see these points” epilogue: how do you give your dog name?

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